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This proud Canadian, originally from Venezuela understands what it is to lose freedom and is willing to fight to protect them.
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@MaximeBernier @peoplespca t.co/C9Qdk36qQt

Please read this important article about how wrong it is to conflate these unmarked graves with evidence of a genocide.

@CandiceMalcolm: Six things the media got wrong about the graves found near Residential Schools

[RT @JackNationalist]
Maxime Bernier’s message on the covid-19 vaccine & passport was met with applause everywhere.

“I believe that everybody must be free to CHOOSE. No mandatory vaccine in this country. But also, NO vaccine passport...”

@MaximeBernier #EndTheLockdowns t.co/OdInwC5fe9


BLM Changes Name To 'Black And Brown Lives Matter Unless They Are Being Oppressed By Communists'
U.S. - After coming out against the Cuban protesters who are fighting for their liberties against the oppressive Communist government, BLM has been forced to change its name for clarity's sake. Black...

“The number of Whites who were enslaved in North Africa by the Barbary Pirates exceeded the number of Africans enslaved in the United States & in the American Colonies before that, put together.” ~Thomas Sowell

‘Facts about SLAVERY they don’t teach you in school’


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