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Today's UnWired Episode 33 is a tribute and analysis of three great men, athletes and influencers; one from the past and two from current day. The topic is "skin in the game" and here are these three men showing leadership in their own words -- Muhammed Ali, Enes Kanter, and the star of the show Kyrie Irving.
For link to the show visit:

The boxcars won't even be needed because Americans are so enslaved now that Americans will drive themselves to the concentration camps.

Americans think living in a socialist police state is normal, but freedom is not some textbook theory.

There are still some Americans alive today who will tell you that freedom is better.

There is absolutely no concerted effort to starve the planet. None whatsoever. All conspiracy theory.

Agree with @adam ... please help Alex Jones any way possible. He is being crucified for calling out the Sandy Hook false flag. Real people die in false flags, does not change the premise. See 9/11.

Say “Democrat” in Spanish —



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Chris Stefanick, a prominent Catholic speaker, took to Twitter to offer support...

“Today a SWAT team broke down his door and put a gun in his face in front of his wife and kids for “restricting access” to an abortion clinic. Which he never did. Total, blatant, false charge...

A few hours later they let him out of jail because they had NOTHING on him….his small children will, no doubt, carry the traumatic event...This is government sponsored bullying & intimidation,”

Dozens Of FBI Agents Surround Pro-Life Author’s House, Arrest Him In Front Of His Seven Crying Children
Agents surrounded his house in the Department of Justice’s latest SWAT raid on right-wing Americans

DeSantis: "I reject socialism outright. I reject Marxism, Leninism, communism, any of these -isms that have come out of a political theory that denies the worth of each and every individual."

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