Episode 1416 of TBDPITU breaks through the narratives the M5M propagates.

😷Adam On Megyn Kelly
😷White House Barrier
😷Sick Days
😷Covid Data
😷Car Prices
😷Cow Therapy
😷Grannys & Pot
😷Cruz Grills FBI
😷& More

Congrats to Rick Harris on art win #1! Welcome to the club!


@darrenoneill Megyn was barely listening to @adam when he was discussing the future of the plandemic, she started talking about how promising the Pfizermectin looks 🙄

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@sirJoho @adam I've got it on the list to watch. It'll get done before the latest Rogan because I have to hook my laptop up to the TV to see that on the big screen.

Also, Megyn looks better than Joe on said big screen.

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