I'm in a semi-annual department "all hands" meeting. Check out this PowerPoint fail.

This slide was up for at least 3 or 4 minutes. The speaker vaguely spoke of a code to the ellipse outline colors. (The purple boxes are project code names I censored.) I'm not sure if the horizontal and vertical axes mean anything. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with this chart.

My father-in-law hooked it up 😷🐴 🍎

Ready for the epsilon variant and 33rd surge!

Reporting in on using my grapheneOS phone for the last 3 months exclusively. Still happy, still functioning, still gangster. Thanks @closedntwrk for your help


May 2010: An F-15E Strike Eagle from the 333rd Fighter Squadron on patrol as the Space Shuttle Atlantis launches from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Photo by Capt. John Peltier.

Create a fully validating Bitcoin node on Raspberry Pi with Lightning, Tor, and Hardware Wallet functionality.


Does anyone have good information resources for fighting cancer with nutrition?

Trying to undo the damage inflicted on my dad by the pharmaceutical industry.

I love this guy.

Wolfgang Van Halen steps out of his famous father’s shadow with a debut solo album, ‘Mammoth WVH,’ that was three years in the making - The Washington Post

Now we're going into a future where you'll have to be sure the engineer who designed the bridge you are about to drive over wasn't from Virginia.
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Virginia moving to eliminate all accelerated math courses before 11th grade as part of equity-focused plan fxn.ws/3tW4PgN

Podcast 2.0 features are translating to wearOS via podcast addict. Chapter labels on the watch, bitches! @adam

The J&J jab is just as dangerous as the mRNA shots. They both create the same antibody to spike protein and it is that antibody which will cause most of the damage.


“Never, ever, ever have they done it, not once tell you to exercise, eat the right kind of foods, Vitamin D3, none of that! Never, ever, ever because they want you to be a sick, sick infested human that they pump full with their money-making crap!” — @adam 1320

Thanks for the responses. We got a Pixel 4a working great with Verizon sim.

As a follow-up, are there any podcasting 2.0 apps in the f-droid store?

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Works fine on verizon with a pixle 4a. But watch out. The 4a doesn't support 5g but they where trying to upgrade me to the more expensive 5g plan till I told them the 4a doesn't support 5g. The pixle 4 5g is a variant of the pixle 5. I unlocked the bootloader before using sim or dealing with Verizon. There was a issue several years back with Verizon locking phones somehow after being connected to Verizon network. Not sure how.

@rcogburn @sims_family I had a Verizon Moto G7 Power and simply popped out the sim card and plugged in to my Graphene OS Pixel 4a. SMS and voice worked immediately with no setup/troubleshooting necessary. The only thing that I had to futz with was my voicemail. Relied on a Verizon app for that, so had to reset my voicemail pin for calling in to get them.

@sims_family yes, not sure with the new 5g sims cards plus 5g service. I had Verizon and just took the sim out of an iPhone put it in a graphene phone everything worked fine. If you have an iPhone you have to deregister imessage or people with iphones can't message you.

@sims_family im using it on verizon via redpocket and everything works fine

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