I work as a health care professional. A member of the leadership came by today and asked me and two other health care professionals if we had been vaccinated. The other two quickly responded with a vehement yes. When they all looked at me, I said "I choose not to disclose my personal health information". After which he responded sternly, "I encourage you to do it". Then he and the other team members laughed about those who plan to use religious exemptions...

Then the leader replied.."religious exemption.. Political exemption you mean. And they all laughed.

@shovious I hope you've been looking to find employment elsewhere. You clearly work in a toxic environment.

The thought of leaving my career is frightening. Horrible to think I would have to walk away from taking care of people because of this. Or take the jab just to keep making a decent salary to support my family.

@shovious Do you honestly believe that you are taking "care of people" by working with, and supporting, your colleagues who go about harming others in the name of their vanity? (Purely rhetorical; no need to respond) Maybe there are other institutions, locally or abroad, that would be better able to leverage your abilities in the support of others.

Damn. Convicting. Wish nurses had a place to bridge out of modern health care system.

@shovious @CoffeeFingers

Can you get someone to squirt yours in the sink?
No one here would call you a liar.

@sir_blake @ironhide1975
Agreed. Probably will only get more hostile. Its a shame. They are losing a good nurse with a big heart over this

@ironhide1975 @shovious I second the thought here. Hostile work environment is definitely being created by them. Only way this is going to stop is to sue the pants off of everyone. If I only were a lawyer! Lol.

If anyone asks me if I've been vaccinated, my answer will be "yes."
I've been vaccinated for polio, smallpox, diphtheria, tetanus...

@JonyKow @shovious technically correct and if that makes the both of you feel good what’s wrong with that?

@shovious I have a nurse friend who's going through the same thing! She works in hyperbarics (I don't know the technical name for her dept.) and she had to fill out a form that was rigged to highlight people who didn't want or were hesitant about getting the vax. This was after a confrontation with her boss about not disclosing her vax status. You're not alone!

Thanks! Sometimes it really does feel like it!

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