It's time for another production of special edition .925 sterling silver knight rings! Add your name to the waitlist at: Silver, Black and 18K Gold. Need at least 33 knights to send to production. 33% Goes to the boys!

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@[email protected] can anyone be knighted? Or, do I needs a set of testicles?

@CV Of course anyone can be knighted. We have Knights and dames. Some dames go by knight. All the same.

@shill @CV are these the rings for being knighted/ damed ? I was damed back in February but haven’t sent my ring request in yet…

@lisastelter No, you can order your white gold knight ring anytime at These are a special run of sterling silver rings that are produced every couple/few years.

@shill thanks! I will finally get it done! I’m just afraid I will order the wrong size.

@aj I wasn't planning to, primary due to production costs.

@brad read my lips, no new taxes. Knights have been asking, new knights.

@shill Hi, am I allowed to purchase another ring to update my normal one?

@shill Do we fell like this is going to hit the minimum? If I need to switch to a specific color to help make this happen I'm all for it.

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