@shill I hope it is exhaustive and comprehensive. Going from 263k absentee ballots to 2.7million absentee ballots is a concerning figure. Especially with no signature verification.

@shill The senator from the 33rd Senatorial District? This is...magical.

@CoffeeFingers it's technically an oped, not sure on what powers Senator what's his butt can use. Informative tho

@TwoRiversLad Let this be a lesson. Always, always believe everything we say, and what's posted on the internet. @CoffeeFingers

@FarmerTodd There's no evidence of widespread fuckery tho. You nut.


from what I understand the PA audit has been a work in progress since the election, and it's taken this long to gather everything pertaining to mail in ballots.

anecdotally, I was in line to vote and checking in and the poor woman in front of me was NOT allowed because someone had already requested and returned a mail in ballot in her name. either she tried to vote twice or identity stolen.

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