VPN recommendations?

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@shill shoot @PhoneBoy told me a good'un the other night in and now I've forgotten it. Wrote it down somewhere, now to find it.

@shill been using Cyberghost for a couple of years. Reliable, loads of countries, no logging etc.


I threw protonVPN in the bill when I switched to their email.

@shill I've been using NordVPN for the past couple years.. pretty happy with it

@shill I’m running Mullvad. No issues, fast and cheap. No email or personal info required, just write down your account number and recovery phrase

@shill I used Private Internet Access for 3 years. Complaints: many of their IPs are blocked by random/various websites, they were slower than what I'm using now, and I experienced some weirdness when trying to use it with a Vero 4k. But I am definitely not a dude named Ben, could have just been me.

Switched to Nord in Jan. My only gripe is they are more expensive, but they have also solved all of my complaints about my previous VPN company.

@eightysixed @shill hey Ben aren’t a good deal of vpn ip’s generally blocked anyway? Asking as a Gerald

@shill I used to use ivpn years ago not sure if it is still as good now

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