**Breatheasy Speakeasy
Emegency Reschedule**

My wife and I were hosting a meetup in Bothell, WA. But Lord Emperor Jay F'in Inslee just informed the restaurant that they are shut down effective Saturday.

Therefore the meetup is rescheduled to this Friday Dec 4 on an emergency basis. I hope as many of us slaves as possible can make it to show some support for this small business.

I'll post the link to the NA Meetups page once the update goes live.

@adam @John @shill

What episode was adam's PCR testing brain dump? Find coke users by testing money episode. Need to punch people in the dick on the cancer (facebook)

M5M headline translation: Former Australian ambassador writes a book saying we should suck up to China even more:

Australia-China ties are at their lowest point in history, former ambassador says - ABC News

So we’re just not gonna talk about the fact that Jerry Nadler pretty clearly pooped his pants in the middle of a press conference?


With the show turning 13, I think the Biden's might be listeners now.

@shill my total listen time according to my player app. 👀

1289 shows = 142 days 4 hrs 53 minutes of infotainment/treatment (based on runtime). @adam @Therealdvorak

Congratulations Adam and John - Podcast Business Journal — Thanks!! l.curry.com/fkG

I want to start shipping a "calling card" for the show, for producers to hit people in the mouth. I have had the need multiple times, thinking it would help spread the word. Basic card with links and whatnot for potential new listeners. Would any of our artists up for making up some options? @adam @showart

I have returned to the back office! Rings shipping out tomorrow.

More work. Looking for a graphics person to redo a logo from raster to vector, etc. Email shill at noagendanation.com

Any producers with solid css/web design skillz looking for some side work? (paid, not NA related)

Email shill at noagendanation.com

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