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idk what @adam and @Johncdvorak are on about. composting humans is a time-honored tradition in many parts of Appalachia.

Biden DOJ is now storming the homes of promiinent local Christians and taking them at gun point... for pushing someone.

I just wanna be John Wayne. Ride in after a hard day's work, get in a copper washtub, and have some sexy woman wash me. Is that so much to ask for? Apparently, I asked my wife and she said "oh I can't bend over I'm so pregnant blah blah blah"


I identify with the people in this painting. I carry their legacy. Never take counsel of your fears.

Cartoonist Tatsuyo Ishida ( was banned by Twitter for this. Apparently, the ban has been lifted now.

The 00s gave us great lyrically masterworks such as:

"My dick, bigger than a bridge. Your dick looks like a little kids"

Music quality in the 20s has really gone downhill.

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