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@amerika after reading the first page of your tobacco blog I suspect it's not your style but any chance you have a recommendation on one?

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I'm okay with whatever Neil Young wants to do. I downloaded all his music from The Pirate Bay a decade ago.

CANDACE OWENS: "LOL. When the Ukrainian government comes out and tells you that the United States President and CIA are lying about what’s happening in their country. There is quite literally no threat. Biden crime family is trying to expand their business empire in the region."

At 6am my UPS package said "Out for delivery" two hours later it was updated to say "Preparing for delivery". COME ON UPS, I JUST WANT MY TOBACCO!

A new guy at church asked me how I created my "look". I was really confused by his question, when I asked for clarification he explained how he's worked really hard to have the "operator look".

This strikes me as a highly effeminate way of appearing masculine... Just be you my dude.

Longshot... I'm wondering if there are any Terraform gurus around. I am trying to convince TF to simply orphan a Kubernetes resource and not destroy it. At the moment, as soon as I merge my change to the TF to master it will destroy the resource, but I just want it to stop managing the resource.

Holy Shit! My interview with BlazeTV made it on!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

I recommend watching the whole thing but I get to spout off at

3:14 - 3:44
5:25 - 5:45

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