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The money I have "lost" in bitcoin I've made up in stocks. Not sure if I should be happy or upset 😂

seeing less people with masks on in stores than I was last week.

You know, China was better. At least in the Chinese media we only censored to avoid being arrested. In America, the media sucks dick just because they like the taste.

I guess kids in shopping carts or being carried don't breathe....The more you know

Where's the best place in Texas for cheap, fertile land? I got horses, chickens, rabbits, and grow-op (all your nefarious and illegal organic goods, carrots, spinach, squash, peppers, etc)

Last week my wife wasn't keen on moving... after some personal/family drama and the fact that we will probably see the Commiewealth start mandating their communist kill shots, she's now keen to move.

Oh also, I need internet in order to work.

NA Producers with Raspberry Pi/Small-compute experience:

Are there better options (cheaper w/ same specs, or better specs at a slightly higher price) out there for a computer cluster than an RPi? Looking for something (not for me, this is a exit strategy) that is easy to "put together" (ie some cables, standoffs, and pre-flashed sim cards) and have a cluster ready to go. Ideally it'd have better hdd support than the RPI, which as I understand requires USB interface or a board/shield?

A lot of people were weirded out when the sock-puppet known as lady gaga wore this costume to biden's inauguration. I even saw people posting it alongside a different character from the Hunger Games as a joke. Turns out the outfit really was taken straight out of the Hunger Games! I only watched the first one but I'm told by reliable sources that the character on the left is indeed from the movies. Who do you think is being mocked, here?

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