You guys who don't follow regular fedi might get a chuckle out of this.

We've all heard of the "fediblock" -- the great blocklist that NAS and any server with fun people are on.

P from FSE created a new relay that includes only instance that are on the fediblock list lol

@shebang am I seriously the only person who has no idea how this even works? I mean, I already see the cool instances, I don’t need this, I guess.


@PhoneBoy Servers federate based on follows. So if a NAS user follows someone on say, then the servers will federate together (and posts show up in the main fedi feed of one anothers servers).

A relay is basically a follow list that doesn't actually require users to follow each other to allow for federation. This is useful for small servers, as fewer users means fewer opportunities for federation.

Huge instances like NAS its less useful.

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@shebang but it’s basically for a server operator, not something I as a user can take advantage of.

@PhoneBoy Correct. Its for server admins who want to expand the federation of their server.

Users don't need to worry about it. πŸ‘

@shebang adding a sentence in his blog post about that would have been helpful. 😬

@PhoneBoy @shebang
He sort of said that with the link to the relay

I read that text as this is a server side issue. But then I followed a few of the links because it looked interesting.

@mhjohnson @PhoneBoy My personal favourite part of the fediblock list is that they got my primary servers name wrong! Hahaha! The dingbats!

@mhjohnson @PhoneBoy @shebang

I was on the fence about adding this relay to my own instance. When I tried to sample the sites, I mostly got manga porn, massive shit post storms, illiterate obscenity.

I don't have a problem with it existing, but not sure it's a good use of my bandwidth & storage.

I'll look to you to boost any goodies you find! πŸ˜ƒ

@PhoneBoy I suppose, right?

Well, you don't need to know everything yourself, NAS has enough people that someone will know and be happy to explain just about everything. 😁

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