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My avatar. Low effort lol but I still like it fine. You can see my spider backpack on the back of the chair. β™₯

Second one is for my freethinkers account. It features a jacket from nas' own @Dr_Disorder. I think it has a bit of a cyberpunk look. Very cool.

3rd one was taken by someone during the beginning of the 2nd meme war, perhaps someone with a crush? Was taken while I was catching a ride to the front.

The female equivalent of a sausage fest has to be a clam bake

FUCK mastodon character limits. Toots starting with:

> 1/2 blah blah blah

...are fucking retarded.


Ok so

Before I go to work ( :blobvomiting: ) .. whats the consensus here, that people don’t believe the mars rover is real? Like its just shopped / recoloured images and video?

Now we’re finally fucking talking! Hot damn, that’s some based weather. I can go light! weee! :ablobspin:

Hah! The People’s Party of Canada is seeking candidates.

I should do it.

Shebang! Member of Parliament.

hahah good lord, what a world that would be.

Ooookay I guess its time for bed. I’m tired.

I had a good day, I got the things I needed done β€” which wasn’t very much. I blew the rest of the day playing CDDA and hanging around on Jitsi. Good times.

I came within an asshair of death in CDDA though lol, oooh it was close, I’m shocked I made it out of there alive. Not a game to get complacent in. Fuckin zeds, man. Watch out for the feral humans too, they are quite a bit more clever than the zeds… I lived because I climbed up a fire escape and crawled down the other side of the building haha. :blobthinksmart:

Anyway, yup, a full day! :ablobnod:

Time to sleep…

Love ya! :blobhug2: :blobsnuggle: :blobcmereyou: :blobinlove: :blobmeltsoblove: :blob_blowing_kiss:

πŸ’€ :blobkotatsu:

Good morning fedi! :blobgoodmorning:

Hmm.. πŸ•— :blobthinking:

Yup, its coffee time!

:coffee: :blobcheer:

Aaww yiss :blobcoffee:

Ooookay well I’m tired as all hell.

Going to sleeeeeep and I’m gonna sleep awesome because no work tomorrow!

Love ya! :blobsnuggle: :blobhug2: :blobcmereyou: :blob_blowing_kiss: :blobinlove: :blobmeltsoblove:

πŸ’€ :blobkotatsu:

@shebang @realcaseyrollins

Finding the Lenny fork helped. "I want to make it very difficult for racist trolls to use the most updated version of Lemmy"

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