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My avatar. Low effort lol but I still like it fine. You can see my spider backpack on the back of the chair. β™₯

Second one is for my freethinkers account. It features a jacket from nas' own @Dr_Disorder. I think it has a bit of a cyberpunk look. Very cool.

3rd one was taken by someone during the beginning of the 2nd meme war, perhaps someone with a crush? Was taken while I was catching a ride to the front.

We went from "2 weeks to flatten the curve" to "get in the gulag" In a little over a year. THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T GIVE AN INCH

Libertarian PBS - Reason TV


Oh shit why can’t this be the reality instead of this stupid crap we have

As you get your tax report done, don't forget that those COVID ads on Youtube were paid with your money.

Still my favourite unit of measurement.

The milihelen!

I’m probably about -3. Meaning that I believe that Canada would probably launch 3 ships to prevent my return in event of my capture.



On womens empowerment.


🀑 🌎

You can’t make this shit up.


There is more to the β€œDad jailed for misgendering child” floating around the usual far-right types.

Obviously the contards won’t care, certainly not about the child β€” they use children for propaganda same as the far-left.


exercise done :blobsweat:

time for sleep :blobyawn:

work tomorrow :blobcry:

love ya! :blobsnuggle: :blobinlove: :blobcmereyou: :blob_blowing_kiss: :blobhug2: :blobmeltsoblove:

πŸ’€ :blobkotatsu:

if a gadget has no USB-C in 2020, it's crap and don't buy it, not only Shure corporation is stupid and offers micro-USB instead of USB-C:

Lol ok

I think it’s time I just abandoned any β€œserious” subs on reddit. This kind of shit drives me nuts.

The religious right is generally speaking a pretty sad bunch, honestly. So I mean, sure moron, you’re stopped clock is true here.

There is just so much dumb stuff here. Being trans is anti capitalist, what? That’s retarded. Where did you think our treatments came from, dummy? Where did all of this come from - not the fucking communists.

And the simply ignorant view β€œonly the strong survive” - that’s true under every system. That’s life, that’s planet earth, baby. But what gets my hackles up about it is the assumption that being trans makes me weak. Yeah, speak for yourself leftist weakling.

When the weak victim left says β€œdo the work” they mean whine in Tumblr. When I say β€œdo the work”, I move freight bitches.

Waaaah society doesn’t like me. Here’s a clue for ya, it doesn’t like anyone. Ok fine, we have challenges others don’t. So do people bound in wheelchairs. Just because someone looks like they are fine, doesn’t mean they are, you don’t know what happens in people’s lives. We have no monopoly on hard times, get over yourself cupcake.

It’s this shit, this absolutely helpless little wretch that makes people hate trans people. It’s an breathtaking lack of understanding of their ideology.

Individualism is the one true weapon we have against all the crap that we struggle with, it’s recognizing it in yourself, and it’s recognizing it in others.

Also, Judeo-Nazis, lol.

(Earlier in the thread, some idiot was claiming that Bernie and other DSA poltroons were for the Nordic model. Lol!)

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