For those wondering about the Ghislaine Maxwell Amazon account leaving reviews: two screenshots, the latest about the Ted Gup spook book and her first review about Fifty Shades of Grey (Book 3) from October 2012. Linked to the Amazon review profile as well for those interested in combing through it:

Q: “Why can a business legally refuse my cash as a payment?”

A: Legal tender laws only apply to debts paid to creditors. Cash in exchange for goods and services is excluded from these laws.


Here’s a ShareBlue (David Brock) talking points memo regarding Epstein’s death. Note that at the bottom ROLCON means role play as a Conservative. [cc: @adam]

Re: Twinkling/ASL applauding at the DSA event

From Occupy Wall Street’s book of knowledge page

My Brownie Bullet camera inherited from my great grandfather who purchased it in 1957 when it first came out for $5 - which would be $45 today.

Aye, how No Agenda is this tweet? Note the timestamp 3:33
cc: @adam

The coordinates USGS gives for the epicenter of these recent “LA” earthquakes is literally the China Lake weapons test site. What are they testing right now? 😉 cc: @adam

After my Twitter account randomly went back up and they deleted two of my tweets I got locked again. I’m guessing they want to erase my entire thread on the NZ shooter. Maybe they are trying to wipe any mention of him from their site?

Minutes after tweeting @adam and others about blocking Twitter ads and sharing a site that easily allows you to block thousands of Twitter advertisers in one button press - Twitter locked my account for a tweet made in March. I was sharing things from the NZ shooter’s manifesto and explaining the thinking behind the evildoing. Lol.

From the playbill: “No Agenda is the best podcast in the universe!”

Easily one of the worst movies I’ve paid to see in theaters. Wtf.

(Apparently official?) mockup of the Tubman Twenty that Mnuchin delayed till 2026

JCD and Curry are so right with always recommending John Perkins’ “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.” It’s really fascinating.

Started this book today and it’s awesome. All about crazy spook operations and projects that didn’t fully come to fruition. Just came out a week ago. Audible available and read by author.

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