Just created an account on Parler if anyone else on here is on there. I figure Twitter will self-destruct within a few years here.
Username: shanehawkk

Either history rhymes or the simulation is glitching and booting old code

Trump’s America vs. Nixon’s America

I wrote a 13-page horror short story. I called it Jerky. If anyone has driven on Route 395 through California you are in for a treat. It means a lot if you read it and even more if you share it or comment.


Is there a repository for NA jingles? I know of @PhoneBoy’s ringtone webpage. I’m looking for the little girl yelling about Boe Jiden lol

Trump also just announced he’s ordering meat processors to stay open by using the DPA twitter.com/JenniferJJacobs/st

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Here’s a Twitter thread that counters the claim that meat supply in the US is reaching famine levels


Both YouTube and Twitter have removed videos/accounts of AYTU Bioscience, a publicly traded company. They are behind this new COVID treatment that shoots UV light into one’s lungs. It may be because Trump mentioned them and got them attention. Tweets attached below. @adam



Just to let you guys know, No Agenda’s shownotes site is being marked as dangerous in Google Chrome

My No Agenda Shop neck gaiter came in the mail today. Maybe my face is too large, but the design is really stretched out when you put it on

I was going to share this Microsoft advertisement that they put out on Good Friday featuring the spirit cooking witchcraft artist, Marina Ambramovic, but Microsoft marked it as private. When I shared it on Twitter, it was at 532 likes and 12,000+ dislikes with the comments disabled.

Just had a weird experience whereby my house lost power and my iPhone wouldn’t complete a call or send an imessage OR text message in that time. It let me know these things are not the best in emergencies.

Can anyone point me toward the best spot to start reading up on ham radios and what to buy?

Just announced: Apple and Google are partnering to add COVID-19 ‘contact tracing’ technology to both iOS and Android. @adam

For those seeking more info on ID2020, Bill Gates, vaccines, etc. watch these two videos. Great research. Maybe Thursday’s show can include some of the info here.

First: youtu.be/SkT0uIUSdWs
Follow up: youtu.be/-aR7cz30chE

He mentions a dude named Ben around 10m34s in the follow up video who is the main dude behind Microsoft’s digital certificates. I checked him on Twitter (@csuwildcat) and he says digital IDs will be ready June 5th~

@adam @ProfWorr @CSB @HiroProtagonist

@adam Regarding your question about martial law at the state level on Moe Factz #32 have you heard of Title 32? Apparently states can use the National Guard as a police force using Title 32. Fed gov can’t. So Fed gov can withhold funding to states until they push them to call in the National Guard to do their bidding. Apparently Title 32 is typically paid for in this ratio - states: 25%, fed: 75% but Trump has authorized the fed gov to cover it 100%. The states can get martial law for free!

Check out this globalist music event that’s gonna be streamed for free by Apple, Amazon, YouTube, etc. @adam

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