Q: “Why can a business legally refuse my cash as a payment?”

A: Legal tender laws only apply to debts paid to creditors. Cash in exchange for goods and services is excluded from these laws.

More: treasury.gov/resource-center/f

Gab.com’s Twitter blocked my buddy’s anti-pedo account for pointing out that pedophiles congregate on their platform. In that realm, there is a serious debate that pedophilia is a civil rights issue and pedophiles have free speech and /should/ have free rein to have adult-child relations with impunity because children “can consent.” Yes, they’re serious.

The tweet Gab blocked him over: twitter.com/antipedoact/status

Listening to our hosts posit that hatch chilies are a brand lol

Listen to Curry’s new podcast with Pieczenik! 1 hour, 25 min

Feed URL: feed.nashownotes.com/wacrss.xm

I’d like to share with you all a No-Agenda-esque repository of “open your mind” documentaries thoughtmaybe.com

Anyone a fan of Adam Curtis documentaries? He made (1) The Century of the Self, (2) Power of Nightmares, and (3) HyperNormalisation. Those are the ones I’m aware of at least. You can find em on YouTube. Currently rewatching the first. It’s all about propaganda, hyperconsumerism, Edward Bernays, etc. youtu.be/eJ3RzGoQC4s

Here’s a ShareBlue (David Brock) talking points memo regarding Epstein’s death. Note that at the bottom ROLCON means role play as a Conservative. [cc: @adam]

Who knew the power of violent video games…

They killed Jeffrey Epstein

NYT: Jeffrey Epstein was not under suicide watch when he took his own life. Attorney General William Barr said the death “raises serious questions.”

Later today: Epstein’s cell camera glitched and/or a full hour of footage was corrupted on the surveillance hard disk.

Partisan Twitter:
It was Clinton-Soros!
It was Trump-Putin!

This is why the NPC meme was so revealing and proliferating. Reality appears scripted at each turn of events.

A cross section of American and Israeli elite shared a collective sigh of relief

Re: Twinkling/ASL applauding at the DSA event

From Occupy Wall Street’s book of knowledge page

I’ve published my second short story. It’s science fiction and was heavily influenced by Philip K. Dick. I would greatly appreciate anyone who read it, shared it, etc. Thank you, ITM.


I’ve edited my short story, “Closing Time,” and published it on Kindle. Read it on my site for free here: shanehawk.blog/2019/07/27/clos

If you’d like to support my work you can purchase the Kindle edition for 99¢ or visit my contribute page to support through other means :) shanehawk.blog/contribute

I just wrote my first short story as I’m an aspiring writer. I’ve been reading every book I could over the last three years and really getting into the craft. I’d appreciate it if anyone gave it a read and gave feedback. It can be read in 3-5 minutes depending on your speed. I used the magic number 33 in it, but that’s where the No Agenda connection ends. I’m thinking of writing one in the near future about straddling the two universes.

Anyway, here it is: Closing Time

My Brownie Bullet camera inherited from my great grandfather who purchased it in 1957 when it first came out for $5 - which would be $45 today.

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