My new answer every time I get into a conversation about Voter ID:

Getting the vaccine requires photo id. Why are we making it harder to vaccinate people?

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I doubt getting the vaxx requires photo ID not in Massachusnuts anyway. If it does then I can use that as an excuse.

@harvhat @seanreiser hmmmm now THAT’S an interesting vector for manipulation.

Let’s say you find someone REALLY down on their luck, and said person DGAF about vaxxes, side effects, and has full knowledge of the potential side effects of mRNA vax?

In that scenario, what’s to stop a “sponsor” to have said down-on-luck person go get vaxxed and use your personal information to get stored in the system?

Pay the man money, you get creds of being vaxxed, without the jab.

Ethically gray? Yes

@harvhat I don't know in MA... but in NYC they required it (so they can track who gets what batch in case of issues)

I might be wrong (since I haven't gotten a vax yet) but I've only need a picture ID twice in the last 20 years (Apply for Social Security, and Learners permit). They'll probably use other picture-less ID's like probably my Mass health card.

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