I'm trying to figure out what being banned from Google means:

- He can't have a Google Account?
- He can't search for things on Google?
- People can't search for him on Google?

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According to Axios, it just means that Google Play banned the Parler app.

The article has a brief explanation for each platform that has banned Trump.

@mhjohnson @seanreiser Discord and Shopify joining the supervillain league is news to me.
@seanreiser If he wasn't the outsider candidate before, he is now.
@seanreiser To answer your question, being banned from google most notably effected Jordan Peterson, and some other harmless speakers and college profs, from being able to use gmail, google drive, and youtube. If I recall, Peterson was the first case of gmail being rendered a traitorous, useless service.
@Mummabear @seanreiser Tulsi Gabbard lost the democratic caucus because she was artificially removed from Google and Youtube search results for everyone with an American IP address. Anyone not using or better is living in an echochamber.
@PorkCow @Mummabear @seanreiser tulsi was removed for being a real person, same reason 🎺 is verbotten.

only skinsuits are allowed
@seanreiser He can't use their services anymore. No playstore, no nothing. All he can do is rip out the card and put in a new one and stay under the radar or hack the phone so he doesn't need Google. That is one of the things that me kept me away from smart phones for long time: You NEED google just so you can even use Android phones in the first place.
@maxmustermann @seanreiser as smartphones go, android is one of the easiest to work around big tech restrictions. enough of it is open source that you can entirely run without, which is what the chinese do.

this isn't windows ce or symbian or ios

@maxmustermann But let's play this out. Is he allowed to install chrome? If he goes to a website with a captcha on it, is he allowed to fill it out? If the White House uses nest thermostats and smoke detectors does he need to take them down? Is he allowed to click on ads?

@seanreiser Not on Vanilla google. No playstore, no new software. He can still use chrome. I recommend him using Brave. Good luck with that if didn't had it installed in the first place.
@seanreiser me for four years. It's quite liberating if you try hard enough.
@seanreiser it woudld've happened, but yes, I quit on my own terms and got to work teaching myself the skills needed to replicate the features I lost.

I now have a functioning contact and calendar server, custom email (which looks better on a resume), and even my own VPN.

I have every reason to grin.
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