...because the best way to ensure a high turnout is to have multiple elections with the same name, and have one in August when many people are traveling or outside the state even for the 10 day early voting window.


If you come across this article and read the headline “'Anti-vax' Olympic gold medallist dies of COVID”, you’d assume that the person was unvaccinated. Being most people who’ve never heard of this athlete won’t read all the way to the 3rd graph, “but the six-time World Championship medalist had been vaccinated to allow him to continue to work as a gymnastics coach.” His opinions on the Vax only matters if this is a Pandemic of the Ironic.

I'm shocked to find out that no one has registered onlymops dot com.

Recruiter Email: This is a remote, work from home position. You will be required to show proof of vaccination and booster shot, and wear a mask while working.
I'm straining not to reply, "Is the latest varient a computer virus?"

If your wife / husband / girlfriend / boyfriend / partner ever has the loving look that the woman has on her face while planning your final arrangements, you should employ a food taster.

My new answer every time I get into a conversation about Voter ID:

Getting the vaccine requires photo id. Why are we making it harder to vaccinate people?

Countdown to knife ban legislation in 3...2....1...

Robin Hood stopping trading on GME to screw the poor and boost the rich: This Alanis is Ironic.

I will point that that if the site has traditional author / approver roles that 2 people would have to be involved which would imply a conspiracy, ;)

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What does the state dept know that we don't?


Screen shot is mine notice the bottom : Donald J. Trump's term ended on 2021-01-11 19:49:00.

I'm trying to figure out what being banned from Google means:

- He can't have a Google Account?
- He can't search for things on Google?
- People can't search for him on Google?

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