If Trump really wants to drop declassified info, he would Pardon Assange and have him Publish it.

"The creator of this cartoon got his account suspended"

Today on Wednesday Apple will announce something big but not new product, some initiative.

What could it be?

That all Apple Stores will be vaccination centers? Or what could it be?

"We are adding Podcast Index to our Playapod app shortly. We have been wanting to do this for months but nothing like big tech censorship to make it a higher priority." l.curry.com/fn3

Mass media has turned the whole US into the Crips vs the Bloods.

Continued from the previous post:

Social media, Big Tech have colluded with the traitors in Congress, the CIA, the Q anon psyop to shut-down Trump, social media to cover-up their coup & plan to make America communist.

Details here:

They did it because Pelosi, Pence, Mitch, McCarthy & others are running a coup to try to prevent Trump from proving the elections were illegitimate. We got it all figured-out:



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Producer Paul has put together a dropbox full of high res photos showing the truth of the Capita; protests. Please archive.


Disney pandered to China. Guess who Biden's ambassador pick to China is?
Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney.


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