Speaking of tying lying and honesty together. Here's a study. Not convinced the sample size is that large to draw conclusions, but I'll leave this here in case anyone cares.


To my fellow west coast producers. Hoping the gas prices aren't hurting you guys too much. Anyone out there piping up that gas taxes are potentially the reason?


Maybe GM shutting down plants in Oshawa (Ontario) is just their way of getting into the drug smuggling business...


Anyone remember acid rain? What happened to that...

Quick . If there's so much consensus in Climate Change as fact, why haven't they elevated the findings into a Law, like the Law of Thermodynamics or the Law of Conservation of Mass?

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I just don't think I need to talk about my mental health because a cell phone company told me to.
I think it is important. I just don't like corporate manipulation through virtue signaling.

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I spent my lunch today holding a civics lesson for my H1B employees. They ended lunch by telling me how they appreciated an understanding of how the government was meant to work...

Unsure of the audio quality, but here’s my unprofessional recording from tonight Bill and Hillary ‘thing’ this evening. To be honest, I felt like they kinda phoned it in. Only 90 min. Pretty softball questions. Enjoy. drive.google.com/file/d/1NrD7O

@sam_cw_leung based on how the seats are filling up, most of us weren’t willing to pony up for the expensive seats.

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At Bill and Hillary’s speech in Toronto tonight. Busy but not packed.

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Catching up on Sunday’s show. Seems like the Dems want to abolish the Senate. Didn’t they try to do that in the Star Wars prequel? Episode 3 to be precise? :-P

Think we're going to see a lot of people who are mistaken and confused about how the US electoral system works...again.

At the Bannon Frum debate in Toronto tonight. Good volume of protestors (both audible and size). Means it should be a good debate tonight.

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