Saw this license plate while driving today. Made me think of that clip with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Spotted at my kids' dentist 🦷 office. I almost broke out into the song πŸ˜‚

I finally understand why we have a microchip shortage. With everyone getting all of these "jabs", the chips are all going into people's arms. 😜

I decided to spend $5 on an ad on Facebag to try to sell some of my Don't California my state stickers. It ran for a few days and then it got rejected. Somebody's feelings must have been hurt πŸ™„

I'm happy to announce the latest addition to my Don't California my state sticker product line, NEVADA!

I swore off Facebag for personal use but have had to try and use it with a business account for selling my stickers. I posted in a few random places trying to get exposure and FB police sent me this:

Site of Christmas Day Nashville bombing. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!! 😜

Newest item arrived today at the Don't California my USA store.The Dont CA my TX sticker with the "Come and Take It" cannon. Also a die cut version of the Dont CA my TX sticker with the state outline.

Where do the new arrivals to your state come from? In 2019 these states were more likely to see their new arrivals from California.
And since Texas is the leader for California-expats, a new sticker is coming for Texas:

Don't California my .... I've opened up my new shop selling stickers telling Californians that we don't want to be like them. Please share.

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