@adam My wife is a pediatrician. She got this in an email today from the American Board of Pediatrics. It states that they can lose their board certification and possibly their medical license if they spread misinformation about the COVID vaccine.

@saltymedic Does she have to say anything positive about it? (can she just say "I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to communicate my opinions about the virus in question or a may lose my certification and license."

@KellyS From what I can tell, she just can't say something that isn't true. This isn't a policy from her medical group, but from the people that certify her to be a board certified pediatrician.

@saltymedic Well yes, that much makes sense. But does she have to tell what the board believes is true, or does she have the right to say nothing?

@KellyS I'm not really sure. Knowing her, she'll just say what the CDC says so she won't have to worry about it. Thankfully, the vaccine is only approved for ages 16 and up. Being a pediatrician, it eliminates most of the patients she sees. Also she does urgent care pediatrics, not general practice, so she doesn't have people coming to her to get a shot.

@saltymedic @adam I think Texas needs a law that states that spreading misinformation about abortion will result in discipline and that stating its safe or that a fetus isn't a person is misinformation. Let's test the theory that states can control the reasonable discretion of medical practitioners.
@saltymedic @adam yeah. whoever is pushing this experiment has serious juice.

@kgibson @adam doesn't seem you are free to make your own decisions as a physician.

@saltymedic @adam what falsehoods? 1:10000 you get Complications, 1:10000 the vax harms. Under 50? Stay at home for the next months and eat health.
Oh wait this is disinfo.


That is fair, but they specified what exactly constitutes misinformation?



Telling the truth is essential.
Sadly, the ABP is pushing lies.


@saltymedic @adam

So the Boards tell you as a doctor you can only say 'this', and if you say 'that' you are being unethical and unprofessional. In other words there is only one point of view allowed. Then they end the Statement by saying the doctor has a responsibility to give accurate information so that the public can make the best decision for themselves and their families!! Do these people even hear themselves??


Another proof that we never should have allowed the government to license any profession


@saltymedic @adam

Warren Newton, MD, MPH
President and CEO
American Board of Family Medicine

Richard J. Baron, MD
President and CEO
American Board of Internal Medicine

David G. Nichols, MD, MBA
President and CEO
American Board of Pediatrics

They are the ones spreading misinformation. They should be found and tried for intentional murder. How is that?

@saltymedic @adam my wife is an RN with Crestwood medical group, she saw the letter the local CEO sent out to all MDs in area friday saying same thing. Don't spread lies or else! Don't be doctors, just do what you're told. Serious juice, it's impressive actually.

George Carlin "it's a big club, and you aren't in it" or something close to that

@saltymedic @adam Sounds like it’s time for people for real science need to start their own legal medical organizations. “do no harm “

@saltymedic @adam

Join the lawsuits against the Board. The Board has become a cash machine - on the back of physicians and their customers - with little if any benefit. You can get continuing education without being Board Certified. However, many States require you to pay extortion to the Board.

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