Spotted at my kids' dentist 🦷 office. I almost broke out into the song πŸ˜‚

From PA system in Las Vegas airport. SW airlines is experiencing "nationwide technical difficulties". Thanks for the explanation...

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On a plane stuck on the tarmac for nearly an hour waiting to arrive at Vegas airport. Connecting flight also delayed Day 2 of the southwest computer issues. I keep waiting for the pilot to say glitch, but so far he hasn't. Southwest needs some new .

β€œWe would all be better off if people would stop watching cable news, whether it’s CNN or Fox News or MSNBC,” Cox said. β€œPick whatever one you’re addicted to. I’m eight years sober, and it’s been one of the best things that I’ve ever done. I’d just encourage people to turn that off and talk to real people about the issues, not listening to the talking heads who make their money by making you outraged. It’s unhealthy personally and it’s certainly unhealthy for our democratic republic.”

I keep seeing news stories about being allowed back on by Zuckerberg. I'm not a Trump fan. I hope Trump wins 2024 without Facebag or Twitter. That would serve to annihilate their relevancy for advertising as it would show they aren't necessary to sell a product.

A man was killed in SLC after running a red light and getting hit by a car. Reminds me of Adams talk about electric scooters. The best line in the article "The scooter was electric but not motorized" πŸ€”

I finally understand why we have a microchip shortage. With everyone getting all of these "jabs", the chips are all going into people's arms. 😜

Isn't it time we make the hurting stop? ABOLISH DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME! The hour you save may be your OWN!

I decided to spend $5 on an ad on Facebag to try to sell some of my Don't California my state stickers. It ran for a few days and then it got rejected. Somebody's feelings must have been hurt πŸ™„

I'm enjoying the chapters that are being added by the producer to the NA podcast. Thank you for that.

I am curious about how the chapters are added to a podcast. It seems the prevailing information I've found so far starts with "Buy this program off the Apple App store".

Since I don't buy my technology from a fruit company, is there a way to do it in Linux?


Why is it ok to refer to the COVID variants by country name (South African, English) but it's racist to call COVID the Woohan or China Virus?

I'm happy to announce the latest addition to my Don't California my state sticker product line, NEVADA!

1.5k πŸ‘
10k πŸ‘Ž
Joe's support is underwhelming,
Shame no one can comment.🀣

I'm seeing a few stories about how the cold in Texas has frozen the wind turbines for electricity. I guess a Texas cold snap wasn't part of the climate change plans. Curious why is it that the TX grid can handle all the air conditioners in the global warming summers but not the cold during the winter?

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