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aaaahahahahaha like how is the requirement to provide contact tracing phone number in NH real hahaha just say oh yeah sure and agree and then forget to because she also went on about her actual work and you went about being a customer like just don't act like a freestater hahahahaha puhleeeease muh liberty

This drives me...histamatic. "this wonderful food that's so great yeah sorry no for you" instead of...anything unique about why it releases or triggers histamine. Like when I tried to read through a vegetarian cookbook (irl copy) and so many of the preface or intro to every recipe is falling all over itself in apology for not beong a "real burger." dude just go back to the kitchen and learn how to make a good veggie burger.

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Crying along with Van Jones because our cycles aren't synced up just right and I know how he was feeling a week ago

I 'm not even sure what "believe biden" is directed at. Organic, local artisan batch of the left can't meme. Do they...know?

"ATTENTION SHOPPERS!!" -Absolutely convinced the PA system in this chain grocery store was gonna cut the shitty rock music feed to announce Orange Racist Gone. That would have been pretty awesome ngl

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I try to recall if people did this in '16 and my mind keeps going back to the disabled boy with the Trump hat that some TEENAGE YOUTHS tortured in January '17. And livestreamed on facebag. But thay wasn't here, and swollen amygdalae they are, now they're happy. Good thing I'm not a mother I'd probably be way too quick to "k fine ice cream for dinner."

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Fireworks going off. Not downtowm in Central Square where people have been congregated for hours, but around town.

On top of the "hippie mind woowoo" I've been soaking in last few weeks (because absolutely What Have I Got To Lose), having the No Agenda meetups song stuck in my head has made this awful last gut-kick of a breakup, feel it's all far away from myself than I am, and instead I'm just tired.

Listening to 1291 rn, and the segment about DST change, maybe a whole two minutes worth of show ..this is apparently what I have saved my unrighteous indignation over them getting something wrong for. I CAN'T BUHLEEEEEEEEEEVE (that I'm still not listening to the show live)

...blew my roommate's and manager's mind yesterday and Friday when I told them ending of DST means we'll be living more fully in the truth.
Young millennial chick and zoomerboiz alike "...huh. I never thought of it like that, yeah. Hmm."
Astronomically more effective than complaining about muh government bad think could be

This confirms one of my first theories... e🎵 bola🎵 was just another attempt to do what THEY are doing now. But e🎵 bola🎵 is/was too messy and normies would figure out a quick and simple solution (yes nuke the infected city that was quarantined too bad so sad). But *EVERYONE* has bat-aids

Maine's Public Classical (npr-classical) just had a This Day In Maine History

Yall wanna know what happened this day in 2014

Some chick asymptomatic for 🎵 EBOLA🎵 was quarantined. Judge said yuppo to it, and she was ruled allowed to do stuff by herself outside as long as she was 3 feet away from others

RIP in pieces to everyone in southwest NH (YEEEHAW) who works from homeoffice and today is gonna have to endure dipshi-t team group chats from your idiot coworkers about "WAAAH SNOW" "no YAAAY SNOW," "this isn't REAL snow" "I beat my husband when it snows," "snow weather is wine weather..."

Listening to a JRE for first time thru youtube to keep me working along; really loving the episode naming syntax.

I came because I have this guys' earlier book "The Other Brain," but I definitely stayed for the production value.

"Electric Brain, by R. Douglas Fields" on YouTube

This is so much more hilarious than it was four years ago. Whole thing, both guys, both amygdalan rupture origins
just....*chef's kiss*

ok just hear me out it's not hurting anyone
Raw eggnog with liver. Both eggs and beef good to well-sourced, cream probably fine. Single mason jar, stick blender. 30/33, will make again.

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