No but really, this book is what's been missing from my life since...idunno about last 25 years or something I've wanted to know this more. Helps that it doesn't come with smell-o-vision, I'm sure

Well since we're doing this, I have some other ideas where do I submit them don't worry about paying me

Thanks very cool I'm so impressed by how clever this is, especially when I realized it was going to do this while the search was loading the whole 3 seconds after "Enter."

Doin it again just like all the vegan/vegetarian recipe sites that start with describing the awesome hamburger that their veggie patty is not....see this dish it'll kill you

($1 bin at a store, figured why not)

I'm still reeling from the story, that I've heard before, of Putin inviting Bill Clinton to go polar bear watching with him via hitlery, who then invited herself "in the end neither of us went."

Who gaf about the masks anymore this stupid libtarded country isn't even real

This drives me...histamatic. "this wonderful food that's so great yeah sorry no for you" instead of...anything unique about why it releases or triggers histamine. Like when I tried to read through a vegetarian cookbook (irl copy) and so many of the preface or intro to every recipe is falling all over itself in apology for not beong a "real burger." dude just go back to the kitchen and learn how to make a good veggie burger.

I 'm not even sure what "believe biden" is directed at. Organic, local artisan batch of the left can't meme. Do they...know?

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