Thanks very cool I'm so impressed by how clever this is, especially when I realized it was going to do this while the search was loading the whole 3 seconds after "Enter."

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all I wanted a minute ago was the 54-ish seconds of beauty, contained in the vidya of the turkeys being pardoned. The 1-minute ish vidyas sent out by this admin are beautiful and inspiring every time and don't get shared enough. Yes they seem Boomer-pilly but I think are actually a reclamation of Americana.

If the left could learn to meme, or laugh, or love this country, or go outside and see real beauty, they'd have a gold standard to copy and replicate, and easily win over a lot of Just-Wanna-Grill, fair-weather magas. But never gonna happen.

@salsaqueen I’m still trying to find “vidya” in the dictionary. Likewise with “Boomer-pilly” and “ish”. It all probably means something. 🤔

@MartinJJ I really need to improve my writing, this is a sentencing hearing (of me) now
Vidya - video
Boomer-pilly - inspires towards "Boomer mindset" and false sense of complacency
Ish- approximately, usually a bound suffix but occasionally free

@salsaqueen I was watching some of those van-life videos on YT before. The vegan types with nose rings and guys with hair buns. They all shortened words trying to sound cool. It just sounds stupid. Do not screw up your language. Use capital letters and commas where needed. I can read past it by now, but for many foreigners it probably starts to sound alien. The meaning of your words are lost.

@MartinJJ The sentencing is harsh and fair. Writing and being understood by the audience I'm writing to, is a balance I often butt heads with, and primary in my triage over not sounding alien to ...aliens. *Then* the aliens (probably will include the audience I think I'm writing to in the meantime anyway)

@salsaqueen Try less hard. Just write normal sentences. Even this alien can do it (well, most of the times, not always). Many people already have trouble reading and interpreting normal stuff to begin with.

@MartinJJ @salsaqueen

Most people are retards, especially on the internet.

If you write clearly and have something to say, it will reach the audience it can.

To reach everyone you need to make it really simple:


@amerika @salsaqueen I disagree with the last part. That's for an audience that most likely will never understand anything.

@MartinJJ @salsaqueen


Asphyx made several classic albums, but the best of them stopped trying to reach everyone, and found that people appreciated it more instead.

The classic Pestilence album is the brainy one, not the one that sounded like megadeth.

Sinister's biggest album was one that took a brain-dead approach and gave it mystery and depth.

They'll outlast Cannibal Corpse.
@MartinJJ @salsaqueen

Oh yes, and back in the day, I took flak for writing the somewhat lingusitically exploratory reviews at, but now the industry has accepted elements of them as the norm.
@MartinJJ @salsaqueen

Not to mention how much more popular I would be on the far-Right if I blamed the Jews or the Rich.

So we agree, on a very fundamental level.
@melmc @MartinJJ @salsaqueen

True, but as someone explicitly anti-Leftist, I'll never be popular with them :)


Stereotyping much? I don't we where talking about a popularity contest.

@melmc @salsaqueen

@MartinJJ @melmc @salsaqueen

I am, because as a writer, it would help me to be more popular on the Right.
@MartinJJ @salsaqueen

The problem is that we have educated proles, and so a simple switch occurs:



I enjoy currency.

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