If I stumbled onto a genuine crackpot's site that explained histamine intolerance was basically just a black magic hex cast on me I'd be hard pressed to spot the fakenews

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@salsaqueen I feel I also have some measure of histamine intolerance along with salicylate sensitivity. All my life up until when the Web entered its 20s I had no clue what the heck was happening. Definitely seemed like a hex. So idiosyncratic... couldn't put 2 + 3 together as far as what was going on and had no idea how to articulate it with some "expert". In retrospect, the only big "tell" was being in the vicinity of most cheese - like a phobia, making me feel like the weirdest person alive.

@omniveg the cheese set off a reaction of like, nervousness? Or you were convinced cheese was the allergen and you were spookied by--well now ypu can't have cheese so of course it's in everything?

@salsaqueen Perhaps nervousness/uneasiness. Didn't want me or my food to be in the proximity of it or where it had been (like it's presence never left), which is a next to near impossible situation with the S.A.D. (standard American) diet. Food allergies had never factored (seemed mental). Learning that some vegetarians didn't eat dairy was a godsend. Huge awakening! If my veg friends or Newfoundland accented ethics professor had just mentioned non- lacto/ovo options, I'd have had a headstart.

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