Thank you governor Sununu for the mask mandate and thank you landlord for indicating that you're gonna sell this house and thank you manager at work expressing a desire to help....I may end up back in California just yet

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oooooh. I've heard good things about Asheville. Literally; the guy telling me about it was from there so there was that wonderful NC accent.

@salsaqueen @RoboftheVolcano Dayton, Ohio is nice too. Let me know and I'll point you to a nice area.

@aighead @RoboftheVolcano

I'll have to check out Dayton, even if I end up back 'home' it'd put me in the vague direction of my so far vague path.

Is that Packard Museum back open yet?

@salsaqueen @RoboftheVolcano I don't know if it is or not. It always looks closed but it's a really neat place!

@aighead @salsaqueen
Mike Da Swine runs Ohio what more reason do you need to leave. plus the Weather is shit

@salsaqueen if we didn't live in Hawaii we would live in Asheville or Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

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