"Our 2020-2021 season will be presented entirely virtually ... available free of charge to everyone."

Has anyone watched a "virtual" performance of anything later this year? Are they bearable?

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Four years ago approx today, the media was trying to tell is that Trump only won because of this very scary thing called fake news; and look at how deftly Trump flipped that script into pointing out that the m5m is the fake news. Watching the transformation in real time was amazing.

And now "President-Elect" is the flip that it is. Pretty sure that term was used for Trump and Bobama and W et al.

As a dropout linguist I sure do love to see it

I usually *don't* wake up hating on libtardedness I blame taking my coffee outside on the porch instead of in front of my work computer

If the left could learn to meme, or laugh, or love this country, or go outside and see real beauty, they'd have a gold standard to copy and replicate, and easily win over a lot of Just-Wanna-Grill, fair-weather magas. But never gonna happen.

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all I wanted a minute ago was the 54-ish seconds of beauty, contained in the vidya of the turkeys being pardoned. The 1-minute ish vidyas sent out by this admin are beautiful and inspiring every time and don't get shared enough. Yes they seem Boomer-pilly but I think are actually a reclamation of Americana.

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Thanks very cool I'm so impressed by how clever this is, especially when I realized it was going to do this while the search was loading the whole 3 seconds after "Enter."

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I haven't yet gotten used to either of them. The "bad karaoke" type jingles, or the end of show isos that cut out/off way too short. There's gotta be people who do like them, it's the only thing that keeps me listening thru the end of show mix anymore.

Doin it again just like all the vegan/vegetarian recipe sites that start with describing the awesome hamburger that their veggie patty is not....see this dish it'll kill you

If I stumbled onto a genuine crackpot's site that explained histamine intolerance was basically just a black magic hex cast on me I'd be hard pressed to spot the fakenews

Getting that last-week Thanksgiving "oh right I have no plans" anti-panic now. No one to cook for, but.....literally a holiday centered around cooking for a bunch of people who then eat its a brilliant concept I wanna do it

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I'm never gonna get out of my head the image in March, just as everyone was shutting down, the yankee landwhale who walked into the grocery store, sneezed into her hand and then grabbed back the shopping cart handle and continued on her way.

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($1 bin at a store, figured why not)

I'm still reeling from the story, that I've heard before, of Putin inviting Bill Clinton to go polar bear watching with him via hitlery, who then invited herself "in the end neither of us went."

Who gaf about the masks anymore this stupid libtarded country isn't even real

Thank you governor Sununu for the mask mandate and thank you landlord for indicating that you're gonna sell this house and thank you manager at work expressing a desire to help....I may end up back in California just yet

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