Kerry is just an idiot with an atrocious French accent and fell back on a memorized line

Submitted in defense of listening to pre-your own hit in the mouth episodes, (570 for me)

Episodes from 2011 have Dvorak in habit of blurting out "DUUUH, WINNING!" sarcastically a la a mock of CharlieAIDS. And it's great.

Really not impressed by the "read that twice" or "read that again" tag at the end of people's tweets/posts/dumb boomer-sourced screenshots

If what you said was that brilliant I would read it again. Just because you caught your keys jangling in the sun may mean you're transfixed but for me it's just GET IN THE CAR

As much as I'll complain and rant about my idjit Zoomer/Last Millenial roommates

Two of us bet each other a dollar over how long until the landlord blew up at SoupFucker for being annoying. An Aliens vs Predator wager to be sure. $1 bill & 4quarters sat in a cake display in the kitchen for a month, a few weeks ago I put the cake display in a cabinet (it was attracting clutter).

The $2 has been untouched on living room table since.

Ah fck its a Matrix Trilogy marathon and this gym closes in less than three hours

This is exactly what the lockdowns were preparing us for

Post script, closed captioning

*Rage Against the Machine plays*

Hero flies across the screen

lmfnao I shoulda let myself fall off this stupid elliptical I just hate them

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Disclaimer I don't think I watched the entire Men In Black any of them lmao

And only saw the Matrix sequels once in 2016 or '17. Back to back, pre-aware of the cheese and I think most spoilers

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The Agents being simply suitably-kempt is what's throwing it off. It's not just the steak. In the Men In Black sequel the drop-dead gorgeous government agents for every fathomable demo is the steak all over again.

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which not only has pretty black girl and Liam Neeson dressed sharply but the younger actor who's ...a target for and of younger women,

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But seeing it today, without sound, without distractions except for how hilarious it'd be if I fell off a fucking elliptical because I'm texting while fangirling, another reason I hate eliipticals, next to the Men In Black sequel

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When I first watched it the movie was "just a bunch of stuff that happened and kinda spooky but future spooky."

Unfortunately I became a libertarian and that is...distracting

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Off topic but do porn videos have ads embedded like youtube does? Either answer serves my biases so be honest

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Still is. Even in the goofy LOTR movies, even in that super gay semi-porn I caught a few minutes of. I don't remember it, this was the days of opening tv machine and dedicating up to a few minutes of attention span in the middle of a movie. The commercial break also served as a temporary hypnosis severenace

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...I moved up to an elliptical (I hate ellipticals) right under the tv for a better look because it's at the last third of the plot.


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The tv right next to it is playing a Men In Black sequel.

Every analogy or deconstruction of The Matrix has been easy to accept and believe. I surely thought because "well that just makes sense," but being closer to twice the age of the movie...I'm sure an embarrassingly large part of it is the 16 year old me having been enamored with how hot Agent Smith was.

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The gym has a tv playing The Matrix

There are few movies I saw in theater as a kid/teen but this one I did. Of all the useless factoids to substitute as a personality trait, this one slips thru the cracks. Proudly.

"Women say they want a nice guy [they kinda don't but don't hear any chick out cause that'd be listening to a woman] but they want The Bad Boy. I know this because some chick I was seeing said I was a sociopath and she totally tooched it at some point! Here's a link to buy my T supps and alcohol based beard oil. I am a father figure to fatherless porn addict young men."

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I've noticed the pattern of dudes reforming their diet, socnetting their weight loss/health journey, and then massive redpilling themselves into the "women aren't human but here's how to put your d*ck in a lot of them" mindtrap. Just 2 years the guy went from smiling while holding his meat tray up to the camera and laughing in surprise at a piece falling off; to just insufferable. Small sample size but many such cases!

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The chick wasn't giving-well for one it was awful boilerplate I can't even remember beyond "know his values" but even if it was like "don't sleep with him too soon"--that's not her giving advice to men in the first place, about how to acquire female property. She's talking to other women, how to tell if the guy is any good besides "duh but he likes me and is cool." I mean, I guess it makes sense in that a guy shouldn't take advice intended for women. Dumbass.

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