I'm thinking now that no new quadroons can see me on here there isn't much of a point being here. I've been silenced to most. Deplatformed. On No Agenda Social. While the rants against censorship on social media platforms go on and on in the podcast.

Chicago mayhem. Enjoy the fruits of Democrats.

Check out Spot News (@SPOTNEWSonIG): twitter.com/SPOTNEWSonIG?s=09

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@ryanbytes ASL has never been politically correct. Instead, it is expedient with symbols.

Apparently there IS a limit on speech on No Agenda Social. My account has been limited because I posted bigoted and racist material. In other words hate speech. Only people that follow me can see my toots.

Fellow shortwave enthusiasts gather here please. I got a quote from WBCQ for broadcasting No Agenda. The frequency would be 7490 kHz and it's $50 an hour. Pretty pricey.

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