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@SierraKiloBravo cloudflare is the cancer of the internet and is no risk in posting vids

One of my neighbors had a party last weekend. After he and his friends were loaded up on beer they started the quest to figure out which race was truly garbage and which deserved more compensation. After a good hour of conversation they decided Indians deserved way more than shitty reservations. At the bottom of the trash pile were African Americans. Not black Africans. They're mostly ok. Most race exploration I've been a part of shakes out that way. Nobody really likes African Americans.

I wish the LTSB of Windows 10 wasn't so great. It really really kills any desire I have to put some form of Linux on my old Thinkpad. It's a cute T430 that I adore.

So like where is God? Why isn't he putting the fire out? Or at least making the firefighters in Paris competent?

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all i want to do is have fun on the internet and somehow that makes ME the nazi, not the people imposing the no fun allowed stuff.
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How I Eat For Free in NYC Using Python, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Instagram

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@augustus tomorrow's opinion in the guardian: Notre dame is gone - and with it the nationalistic christian supremacy it symbolized over centuries.

Can anyone confirm that there have been other church fires around France the last few weeks?

Got rid of my Chinese spyphone, the Nokia 6.1. It was replaced by the Moto G7 Power. 5k mAh battery. Middle of the road everything else. Rootable! Sadly my wife is happy with her Nokia. :/

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@dirb @ChristiJunior @Eidolon0
You are blind... Cruel.
If White, Western countries opening their borders to non-Whites with a chance at better life & opportunities isn't rejecting racism enough, then I suppose only genocide would be apt reparation😏

Meanwhile, every race has their own lobbying groups EXCEPT Whites... Every culture, & nationality, can be celebrated except that which is associated w/ the White Western World.

A Black history month, but no White history month 🤔

You seem to think Whites are inherently racist, or the only ones who can be, yet it was the racism of non-Whites that permeates throughout academia, media, & governing policy.

If my wife or I can't sleep we put the boys on. There's something about their voices that's great at leading us to dreamland. It's so fucking weird.

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TIL that NASA has tested a mini-nuke (1 to 10kw) power generator called "Kilopower" for possible use on Mars. It has Stirling Engine power generators on it and uses a self regulating design. They tested one over the course of five months ending in March of 2018. The tests met or exceeded expectations.

Video about Kilopower:

Slides from the media presser after the tests were complete:

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elitist cunt thinks its cool to hassle productive people working hard

fuck this commie, she's just angry because she's worthless, her field is bullshit and she knows it

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Woman Who Harassed Old Man in Starbucks Over MAGA Hat Gets Fired

Leftist screamed that 74-year-old Jewish Trump supporter was a “Nazi”

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Three things:

Politics is just show business for ugly people...” - @adam

JCD on ‘Pocahontas’ - “she shouldn’t be drinking if she’s Indian.”

And Biden is fooked...

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