Welsh Pride - Bragdy Conwy - 4.0% ABV. B+ and a bit, light, malty and gently bitter in the finish

3.3/5. Well the Shipwrecked ended up full of yeast and this in a different pub looks similar. However Vitamin B. John Wallace Linton

Shipwrecked - Nelson Brewery - 5.0% ABV. B+, malty with a hint of sweetness and fruity. Gentle bitter finish

3/5. The cask is fresh on, first pint but it looks like it could have rested longer. Still it’s a good start to the day. Queens Hotel

Flyin’ Try - Great Western Brewing - 4.3% ABV. B+ and a bit. Rather good, lemony, tropical and nicely hoppy. Fruity bitter finish

3.3/5. Got my raffle tickets for Flood Relief today The Tumble Inn.

Black Flower - Great Western Brewing - 4.6% ABV. B+ and a bit, roasty, coffee with bitter and vanilla notes. Long bitter finish

3.3/5. Still raining in Ponty and the Taff is well up again. Nice to see Spoons chipping in and helping the community

Wallops Wood - Bowman - 4.0% ABV. B+, malty, a little sweet and fruity, maybe with a hint of spice

3/5. Quite sunny now in The Lower Rhymney Valley but still very windy. Quiet pre Rugby and no sign of any French visitors. Malcolm Uphill

Jemima’s Pitchfork - Glamorgan Brewery - 4.5% ABV. B+ and a bit, refreshing Golden Ale with a satisfying lemony bitter finish

3.2/5. No Storm Eileen but was very windy and wet. The rain has stopped now but I’m taking no chances. Malcolm Uphill

Fly Half - Evan Evans - 4.1% ABV. B+, malty, a little sweet with a gentle bitter finish. Sessionable

3/5. From The Tumble Inn . Please support @bragdytwtlol who were flooded this weekend t.co/VrNQbqMNp9

Axe Edge - Buxton - 6.8% ABV. B++, a real IPA, strong, boozy and very hoppy. Proper Ale

3.5/5. And now the windows have steamed up, serious issues. TIil the next time

Mini Fre~sh - Dugges - 3.5% ABV. B+ and a bit, fruity aroma, malty fruity body with a gentle fruity finish

21 Pale Ale - BBNo - 5.2% ABV. B++ and a bit, a wonderful juicy fruit bomb. With an awesome aroma #

3.7/5. Come to the @hfdbeerhouse and have an intelligent talk about beer and brewing. Still raining

Framboise Boon 2018 - Brouwerij Boon - 5.0% ABV. B+ and a bit, muted, fruity and slightly sweet. Gentle fruity bitter finish

3.3/5. Rather more attenuated than normal but still a winner. Much better than being outside in @hfdbeerhouse

Lush - Amundsen Brewery - 5.3% ABV. B++, a Norwegian interpretation of a Berlin style and it totally works. Refreshing

3.5/5. Could be an excellent Summer Ale but is now hammering it down outside. Nice and dry in the @hfdbeerhouse

Pale Ale Centennial Wakatu - The Kernel - 5.7% ABV. B++, fruity, a little sweet with a pleasing bitter finish. Bottle conditioned

3.5/5. Storm Dennis is rather Meh at the moment but I’m taking no chances and staying in the @hfdbeerhouse all day

Little Tropic - Dugges - 3.5% ABV. A- fruity, Mango and increasing sourness. Wonderfully tasty and refreshing

4.5/5. Turning into a Sour Friday at the @hfdbeerhouse . Drink Swedish, Drink Sour.

IPA - Cloudwater - 6.0% ABV. B++, it says Soft and Juicy and it is Soft and Juicy. Easy Quality Drinking

3.5/5. Really good ale from Manchester’s Finest (IMHO). Could be a session ale but at 6.0%, maybe a short session

Baykeeper IPA - Anchor IPA - 7.0% ABV. B+ and a bit, hop and bitterness forward. Would be great on a Summer’s day

3.4/5. The weather is on the change pre Storm Dennis. Already on the nuts. Beer and Nuts = Quality Beano

Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dulce - Tiny Rebel - 11% ABV. B++, a sipper. The alcohol is well hidden but it’s mighty strong. Rather good

3.5/5. Tasty but strong. The last of the awesome @tinyrebelbrewco 8th Birthday brews. At the equally awesome @hfdbeerhouse

Blinder - Wye Valley Brewery - 4.2% ABV. B+ and a bit, malty, chocolate, Coffee and burnt notes. Long bitter finish

3.3/5. A Wye Valley traditional pub. Great beers, welcome and WiFi. And this pub actually has beer towels which is the way forward

Wye Valley Bitter - Wye Valley Brewery - 3.7% ABV. B+, standard session bitter. Nothing special but nicely balanced

3/5. Moved next door into Yates, where they have two Wye Valley casks on. Training for the Barrels?

Hop A Doddle Doo - Brewster’s - 4.3% ABV. B+ and a bit, malty, tingly, hint of fruitiness with a gentle bitter finish

3.2/5. In the Kings Fee . Valentine Day sale on as they try to get rid of the Burn’s Night food. Still Beanoing

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