Murk-Life Balance - Magic Rock - 5.0% ABV. B++, immediate hit of Grapefruit flowed by a tropical, fruity, peppery finish

3.6/5. Been planting Summer Onions and I out of Compost again. B&Q is open but Compost is non essential

Hepcat - Gipsy Hill - 4.7% ABV. B++, fresh, fruity and juicy. Refreshing with a sharp bitter fruity finish

3.5/5. Rainy Saturday in Luckily Fine Ales are still considered Essential so you can still buy them in Welsh shops.

Broadside - Adnams - 4.7% ABV. B+ and a bit, maybe past it’s best but not bad. Malty, fruity and chocolate. Complex finish

3.2/5. So with Friday’s Pubs will be running down their stocks, especially of cask ales. Could be bottles, cans and keg going forward.

SA - Brains - 4.2% ABV. B+, nicely presented but it not the beer it once was. Was nicknamed Skull Attack. Not now

3/5. So it’s a pre before we get fully locked down again at 18:00 on Friday. Can’t beat Bacon 🥓

Jemimas Pitchfork - Glamorgan Brewery - 4.5% ABV. B+ and a bit, lemony with a citrus bitter finish

3.2/5. Could be the last Monday in The Tumble Inn for a while.

Saturday breakfast beer, Pretty Fly for a Magpie from @bragdytwtlol being photobombed by a Duracell Bunny

Circuit Breaker Brunch and Chips with a Pint of Welsh Pale Ale. Friday in The Tumble Inn

New England IPA - BrewDog vs Cloudwater - 6.8% ABV. B++, strong, tropical, mango, pineapple with a lingering fruity slightly spicy finish

3.6/5. With the sun out and it being post Sunday lunch this is an absolute winner. May just have a snooze after this.

Pale Armadillo - Tempest Brewing - 3.8% ABV. B++, awesome, fruity, a little sweet, tingly on the tongue with a fruity bitter finish

3.6/5. Weighing in at 3.6% ABV, this is an awesome session ale and it’s even better in a @tinyrebelbrewco glass

Vermont Sessions - Tempest Brewing - 4.6% ABV. B++, complex, hazy, fruity, dry with a hint of spice.

3.5/5. The sun is shining but the wind is cuttingly cold. Back in planning mode. This Fine Ale is powering my Beano plans.

Ace Edge - Buxton Brewery - 6.8% ABV. B+ and a bit, bitter and honey sweet. Strong and full bodied. Nice bitter finish

3.3/5. Made with the Japanese Sorachi Ace hop. Nicely different and complex. Windows 10 2004 maintenance on a Saturday afternoon.

Gangly Ghoul - Greene King - 4.2% ABV. B+ and a bit, rather pleasant, hints of toffee, citrus and spice

3.3/5. Greene King hasn’t got the best of reputations but this is rather good. A present 🎁 so it’s even better. Another lockdown Saturday.

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