Spitfire - Shepherd Neame - 4.2% ABV. B+, 4.5% on @untappd but now 4.2% according to the pubclip. Solid Kentish Ale

3/5. So lower ABV, the lower the tax? Eventually ales start to taste thin and uninteresting. A sign of the times? The Tumble Inn - Pontypridd. @beersofmastodon

Sampson’s Jack - Gower Brewery - 4.2% ABV. B+ and a touch. Traditional and solid, nice malty Pint for a Friday Lunchtime

3.1/5. And since it’s @caskaleweek all the better plus £1.29 a Pint @beersofmastodon

Strongarm - Cameron’s - 4.0% ABV. B+ and a bit, well balanced, very solid English Red Ale. Nicely sessionable

3.3/5. A great ale for a lunch time pint. Full of flavour and at 4.0% very sessionable. A bit overcast in today with rain forecast. @beersofmastodon

Almost Famous - BrewDog - 6.8% ABV. B++, stone fruit, soft mouthfeel, hint of spice with a fruity then lingering bitter finish

3.5/5. Powerful yet soft on the palate. A relaxing Fine Ale, brewed in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and off the shelves of the local Tesco 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🍻 @beersofmastodon

Blueberry Maple - Vault City - 6.6% ABV. B++, Thick with a generous mouthfeel. Sour, tart and fruit with a touch of pleasing sweetness @beersofmastodon

Amber Ale - Harper’s Brewing - 4.3% ABV. B+, doing an Aldi. Malty, touch of spicy and pleasingly bitter. Totally cooking

3/5. All very quiet today, so raising a glass. Brewed for Aldi in the UK. At the value end of the range. @beersofmastodon

Veda Citra - Three Hills Brewing - 6.5% ABV. B+ and a bit, single hop Citra with Oats. Hazy and grapefruity fruity

3.3/5. Single Hop, Citra Saturday in the @weirddadbrewery Good times and fast WiFi. @beersofmastodon

Mojito Sour - Lost Industry - 5.4% ABV. B+ and a bit, big Lime base, slightly spicy and gently sour and tart. Nicely different

3.3/5. On Keg at @weirddadbrewery which no opens at 13:00 on Saturday’s. Sunny now and I think County are at home. @beersofmastodon

Trick Town - Tiny Rebel - 4.8% ABV. B+ and a bit, gently wheat, fruity, sweet and rather refreshing. Cask’s not dead

3.3/5. An American Wheat and Squeeze on Spotify. What a great place @tinyrebelnpt is but boy does it need faster WiFi 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🍻 @beersofmastodon

Cloud Shake - Tiny Rebel - 4.0% ABV. B+ and a bit and a bit. Juicy, fruity, a little sharp and a little sweet. Winner

3.4/5. New cask at Tiny Rebel with the mouthfeel from Oats. All that and I get points too @tinyrebelnpt @beersofmastodon

Don’t Worry be Hoppy - Fine Tuned - 4.4% ABV. B++, nicely hoppy, fruity and tropical with a little pleasing sweetness

3.5/5. A winner and on cask to boot. CAMRA discount too at the @penwignewport 🛒🍻 @beersofmastodon

Hard Graft - Copperopolis - 5.0% ABV. B+ and a bit. Actually Boss Beer. Very solid, burnt notes, coffee, malty and a little sweet

3.3/5. It’s the day of who is actually the brewer and they are both 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 brewers. In the @penwignewport and life is good. @beersofmastodon

Sea Dog - Artisan Organic - 4.3% ABV. B+, actually from Evan Evans. Malty, a little fruity and gently bitter. Good session Ale

3/5. Got the Evan Evans from Untappd, nothing on the Pump Clip. In The John Wallace Linton Autumnal 🍂 @beersofmastodon

Sea Fury - Sharps - 5.0% ABV. B+ and a bit, big, rich, malty and fruity base with a gentle bitter finish

3.3/5. The Spoons Autumn 🍂 Beer Festival run from the 12 - 23 October. 30 Real Ales on. Worth a punt. @beersofmastodon

Hydra - Brew Monster - 3.0% ABV. B++, a table beer that punches well above it’s weight. Fruity, bitter, spicy and lingeringly bitter Winner

3.5/5. ABV is not quality, Quality is Quality and this really work. @brewmonsteruk is Brew Central. @beersofmastodon

Harpy - Brew Monster - 5.5% ABV. B++ New Zealand Pale, hazy, fruity, tropical, spicy with a complex bitter finish

3.5/5. Juicy, complex and very refreshing. At @brewmonsteruk , excellent, friendly staff and right next door to the brewing kit. @beersofmastodon

Titan - Brew Monster - 8.0% ABV. B++, double IPA. Strong, hazy, fruity, juicy with the alcohol mostly hidden. Solid local brew

3.5/5. Not getting any fruity red beers today so looking like a return visit @beersofmastodon

Gone Fishing - Green Jack Brewing - 5.5% ABV. B+ and a bit and a bit, malty, slightly fruity and gently bitter. Strong but gentle

3.4/5. The screen is down for the TV projector and the subject, well it’s wall to wall. 1927 resting in the Cellar. Cardiff City FA Cup victory. @beersofmastodon

Tod’s Blonde - Little Valley Brewery - 5.0% ABV. B+ and a bit, malty base with citrus lemon body. Lemony bitter finish

3.3/5. Easy drinking almost lager Golden Ale. A gentle Autumn morning in . Beanoing in The Malcolm Uphill. @beersofmastodon

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