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the enslavement of mankind and the new world order are written in stone

at least somebodyout there is doing something about it

according to the cheap antigen test, I just wrapped up round 2

two days of fever and a couple of days of being tired

suspect it was just regular flu, but I ate the horse paste and drank the bleach (hcq) just in case

never felt anywhere near as bad as round 1 back in January

I wonder if the virus doomsday cult will stick around as long as the climate doomsday cult

if trump had succeeded in stealing the election, what would have happened?

people would have protested, maybe even mobbed DC; they would have been suppressed and jailed in dark places

he would then mobilise the illegitimate agencies and media allies to crack down on dissent that questioned his 'fair results'

he would put an inordinate amount of energy into show trials and fake crises to sap public will

> then he would have to create a strategy to steal the next election

we are here

all the right people are freaking out

that's all I care about nowadays: keep the psyops moving right along

These people have to realise, either you buy it or you don’t.

There is NO argument, document, or article that will ever convince me that Biden was elected president by the people of America.

Wanted to replay Angband in macOS terminal but just realised is offline and now I am despondent


I'm noticing pretty much everyone who's not on the far loony-left is starting to refer to the ruling bureaucrat / corporatist / dotard figurehead nexus as The Regime and it does my blackened little heart good

asked the lady behind the bar where I could find the doorman, and she said he was the guy over there in the Batman mask

I wandered around, wondering why I wasn't seeing someone in a Batman mask when that should stand out pretty well

finally I realised she meant a Fauci face diaper and not a full-on cowl with pointy ears

my brain is reprogramming itself

Picked up this Extron MPS-112 on eBay for less than 10 bucks

it lets me switch all of my analog retro consoles through my old amp (which had run out of holes) and looks pretty smart IMO. it even has an RS-232 control port I can hack around with when I get the time

Extron switching kit is still dirt cheap -- seems to be one of the few things that collectors haven't fucked up for the rest of us

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