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These days, nobody seems to be able to define what a woman is, but we all know how to define a man:

Jack is really pissing and moaning on twitter. I think he’s trying to rescue his legacy.

I say to jack: you skewed the election and technofogged the pandemic, silenced the voices of those who objected

look around, jack, consider your role in the shambles you see. war, disease, inequality, and soon, famine

it’s hard to imagine a more malignant legacy

I never had a Super Nintendo growing up. A roommate had one, and I only ever played Gradius III on it (played it to death)

I feel like I'm missing out on some classics. What other games on the SNES do you recommend?

just when things feel like they're ramping

I felt good about the Rittenhouse verdict

then I felt even better about the Rogan/Spotify outcome

now I can't stop laughing at the meltdown over Elon

something's cooking

where exactly does one go to get a smoking hot forensic psychologist, anyway?

finally got my hands on the RetroTINK 5X-PRO to run all of my old consoles through

does a great job at everything but the mega drive in Master System mode, which it doesn't seem to handle at all; mega drive games all seem to work error-free

let's see if Elon has any luck draining a smaller swamp.

baby steps.

The Alex Jones Show LIVE:
As World Plunges Into Depression & War, America Is Led By A Puppet President Who Takes Orders From The Easter Bunny

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just read that CD Projekt will be considering paid menstrual leave, which I think is a very good thing

but you and I know exactly who is going to step in and ruin it

Ever notice people only give their pronouns for third-person nominative and accusative? he/him, she/her, they/them

lot of cases to cover if you're looking to be thorough

my third-person plural dative pronoun is rubenym

I just took a stab at setting up a No Agenda Meetup next month!

There weren’t any scheduled in the UK, so let’s see if we can have a meeting of the ‘mygdalas here in ol’ Blighty

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