John Constantine is not only a chick now, but is in an interracial lesbian relationship because Netflix

if I don't feel comfortable with content, I simply won't consume it

as new stuff trends woke, I'll go more and more for back-catalog

currently binging Space: 1999. it's a little bit 1970s-woke, but not the current virulent strain

it's also insanely good, better than any woke shite I've watched recently (expanse is not over-woke)

@CSB off the cuff I wouldn’t recommend storing blobs in Postgres, you’ll hit scalability issues pretty quick. Putting images into s3/azure storage etc let’s you scale and integrate with CDNs more easily when the time comes

Wonder whatever became of that cringe douchebag who claimed he hacked the trucker donations

What’s the over/under on the “national monkeypox coordinator” being some whackjob tranny?

Everyone seems to get ’s old motto about “evil” wrong — it was “Don't be evil”, not “do no evil” — it’s a much lower bar and they didn’t feel that even that slam dunk reflected their values

@Evenkeeld thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it

my job pushed it a bit on the HR level, but I went to the office a couple of weeks ago and nobody check my vaxxed status or anything and none of my co-workers seemed to care

I don't feel like I stood my ground as such, just kind of ignored them and slipped under the radar

Microsoft on the other hand are dead set on this shit and fuck them

I will never work for a company that mandates the vaxx, I may be poor soon

@sgtron over here in Europe it's a crap shoot

germans are orderly but it's terrifying because everybody's driving 100+ mph

in England it's mostly orderly but a) wrong side of the road and b) scooters and cycles weave in and out of traffic

everywhere else is relatively normal except France and Italy, where people are sociopaths behind the wheel!

@Evenkeeld has it caused problems in your relationship? I'm worried our difference in status will cause issues down the line :-(

@sgtron tell me you've never been to Paris without saying you've never been to Paris 😄

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