@LoopLinndrum fair enough, we'll see I guess. they engaged the PR machine with Meghan and Harry to get ahead of the Andrew story, maybe they'll knock off the old lady if things get rough :-D

@LoopLinndrum it's all noise, a prince can prove anything required of him; conversely, nothing will ever be required of him.

Andrew is sleeping like a baby right now.

@thomas33 they'll need to put one of those signs in the window like they do with dogs, otherwise somebody might break him out

"AC's on and he's listening to his favourite tunes" (cue Don't Stand So Close To Me)

To be honest, I would probably say I partially trust them. They are likely based on some data, and the UK actually comes right out and says they are incidental to COVID and not directly related.

It's all in the small print, though, and BBC and others run with the numbers as if they were something else. It's intentional.

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Evergreen: If it's as bad as they claim, they wouldn't have to make up bullshit top prove it.

@OVDB dude, the overlay's for noobs! :-D

In all honesty, thirty years later I still hit F3 every time I wanna do something, not gonna lie

I'm gonna write a book.

I figured I'd do some test runs with different word processors to see which one felt best writing long-form. So I tried a couple of different ones.

So anyway, long story short I wrote 40,000 words in WordPerfect 5 on an old Atari ST this week

@El_Toro good point, it's not as obvious where their influence comes from here in the UK

The most significant M5M here is state-run (BBC) and everybody else has to follow their lead, so I guess it's the bankers pushing the narrative

Did Pfizer forget to pay their advertising invoice or something? Can't remember the last time I saw a negative headline in the M5M


@Wagair that dang ol' Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder, I'll wager

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