Wonder whatever became of that cringe douchebag who claimed he hacked the trucker donations

What’s the over/under on the “national monkeypox coordinator” being some whackjob tranny?

4chan in general is irredeemable, but every now and then they crack me up

Picked up this Extron MPS-112 on eBay for less than 10 bucks

it lets me switch all of my analog retro consoles through my old amp (which had run out of holes) and looks pretty smart IMO. it even has an RS-232 control port I can hack around with when I get the time

Extron switching kit is still dirt cheap -- seems to be one of the few things that collectors haven't fucked up for the rest of us

Me: yay, glad they got Ukraine or Elon or whatever to obsess over besides COVID. Maybe if they shut up, we can all get back to doing whatever tf we want


NY Times shilling and getting ratio'd like this?

280K followers my ass

tfw your sweet, sweet merch shows up the day *after* the meet-up 😂 smdh

I find James O'Keefe cringey af, but sometimes it's fun watching him stir the pot 😄

Dropped a 1TB M.2 NVME storage upgrade into my , and now it feels like a really solid gaming platform

I had figured the 64GB version would suffice for my meagre gaming habits, but you can't even fit a single AAA release on it with that storage

Just finished installing Hades, Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein: New Order, and a handful of older titles on it, and it's not even 25% loaded

Microsoft *needs* to get Game Pass on this thing!

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