Did you ever have a casual conversation with a co-worker and explain why presentations are called "slide decks"?

we used to make them in Harvard Graphics and literally mail them off to be developed into slides. for a slide projector

they'll never know the struggle...

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@rube That sound of the carousel making the rounds....

@rube “slide” at least carries pretty well. I was watching a presentation the other night where he was constantly referring to the “transparency” he was projecting. It triggered the middle schooler in me.

@noagendashowvideo I vow to call all screen-shares "overheads" from this point forward :-D

@rube and when you start you have to say, “can you see this in the back?”

@rube that and the obligatory, “can you see my screen”. This one kills me every time.

@rube We use that term all the time in the office. I do not like it, but it's ingrained now.

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