@rube Maybe they'll lock him in a car during an Arizona summer, in minecraft

@thomas33 they'll need to put one of those signs in the window like they do with dogs, otherwise somebody might break him out

"AC's on and he's listening to his favourite tunes" (cue Don't Stand So Close To Me)


As bizarre as this is I'm sure there's some sort of wild procedure or medication that suppresses the parasympathetic response and prevents sweat.

Beta blockers can do this but also can have the opposite effect and I think also don't prevent heat sweat only stress response.

@LoopLinndrum it's all noise, a prince can prove anything required of him; conversely, nothing will ever be required of him.

Andrew is sleeping like a baby right now.


I severely doubt that.

The Royal Family has been in full panicked damage control for a long time.

PR and perception matters.

@LoopLinndrum fair enough, we'll see I guess. they engaged the PR machine with Meghan and Harry to get ahead of the Andrew story, maybe they'll knock off the old lady if things get rough :-D


If she's not already dead. 👀

That theory has been doing the rounds a lot lately not just on NA.

Strange times.

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