Did Pfizer forget to pay their advertising invoice or something? Can't remember the last time I saw a negative headline in the M5M

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Remember, it's not legal to advertise in the UK the same as in the US for pharmaceuticals. But still, their influence runs deep.

@El_Toro good point, it's not as obvious where their influence comes from here in the UK

The most significant M5M here is state-run (BBC) and everybody else has to follow their lead, so I guess it's the bankers pushing the narrative

@rube and when you read the article all the way thru, I feel like the message is:

1) natural immunity + jabs = good
2) getting a boost is good
3) omnicron is a tricky little virus, so stay scared

Unfortunately the messaging around natural immunity is only if you've also had a jab. I bet those of us with pure natural immunity are totally safe against Omnicron.

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