whenever you see a transition plan nowadays, it never involves making something so good have to move to it

it always involves making something so painful you can't afford it


went out for a walk through the town, and the mood in England is pretty somber at the moment

except for the rugby pub around the corner -- they're acting like maniacs

long live the king

I dreamt of a novel car design last night, sensuously curved fenders front and back, gleaming white, sort of reclined and sleek interior with bubble-like cockpit doors that closed and opened vertically

the lady who owned it drove us around, and it was a pretty sweet ride

I would never be able to draw it or paint it, but my brain was able to construct it down to minute details, along with the lady and the world rushing past us

dreams are fucked-up creative

Watch "Timcast IRL - Liz Cheney DEFEAT Watch Party, Fingers Crossed w/Posobiec & Derek Harvey" on YouTube youtu.be/OWBVtqa6flQ

I read the Satanic Verses as a college freshman on a whim; I thought it would be edgy and cool, because it was hard to find a copy and the book had a very bad reputation

it turned out to be an extremely thoughtful book, and I learned a lot when I read it. it's a hugely impactful book that shaped my perception of religion and ego until today

I hope Salman's going to be OK, and I guess it's time for him to go back into hiding

NASA budget is $20+ billion a year and they don’t even have rockets. Wtf are they doing over there? I thought NASA was about rockets

My symptoms dont exist. Im thankful to not be vaccinated.

as I grow older and my perspectives change, one question keeps popping into my mind:

why does everything hurt all of a sudden?

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