Me: yay, glad they got Ukraine or Elon or whatever to obsess over besides COVID. Maybe if they shut up, we can all get back to doing whatever tf we want


remember when nobody was allowed to say a guy's name without getting booted off the internet?[1]

or you couldn't write the words 'learn to code' without getting banned from twitter and Facebook

this clown world is steady-state retarded

[1]: pssst:

no doubt my favourite song about using the energy of Donald Sutherland's orgasm to change the weather

NHS Jargon update: THREADSOC:

- (T)hyroid issues
- (H)eart/Cardiovascular issues
- (R)heumatoid arthritis? (In family)
- (E)pilepsy
- (A)sthma/(D)iabetes
- (S)teroid medication
- (O)steoporosis
- History of (C)ancer

I know you're not supposed to talk about this stuff, but... that disinfo weirdo Nina J's a dude, right? or did she just have plastic surgery and that's why she looks 'off'

imagine sitting in front of Roger Daltrey on a roller coaster...

NY Times shilling and getting ratio'd like this?

280K followers my ass

tfw your sweet, sweet merch shows up the day *after* the meet-up 😂 smdh

FANTASTIC meet-up tonight in Guildford, England

met a vibrant group of interesting, switched-on people and was left with a lot to think about -- not to mention new friends!

the only question is: how do I submit the meet-up report? @adam

I find James O'Keefe cringey af, but sometimes it's fun watching him stir the pot 😄

there should be no 64gb version of
@[email protected]'s -- that's not even enough space for a single AAA game in 2022

luckily, you can get around that with a little technical know-how (and a spudger)

Dropped a 1TB M.2 NVME storage upgrade into my , and now it feels like a really solid gaming platform

I had figured the 64GB version would suffice for my meagre gaming habits, but you can't even fit a single AAA release on it with that storage

Just finished installing Hades, Doom Eternal, Wolfenstein: New Order, and a handful of older titles on it, and it's not even 25% loaded

Microsoft *needs* to get Game Pass on this thing!

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