NASA budget is $20+ billion a year and they don’t even have rockets. Wtf are they doing over there? I thought NASA was about rockets

My symptoms dont exist. Im thankful to not be vaccinated.

as I grow older and my perspectives change, one question keeps popping into my mind:

why does everything hurt all of a sudden?

not believing in climate change is pretty silly on a planet that has ice ages 🤔

I'm moving to Germany in a couple months, and looks like they are still full-steam-ahead with the social credit system

Lauterbach is pushing for a color-charted, App-based, QR coded, clot-juiced society

I figure they will restrict public transport, grocery shopping, and even heating by vaccination status

I guess I'll stay home, wear a scarf on the couch, and wait it out

John Constantine is not only a chick now, but is in an interracial lesbian relationship because Netflix

if I don't feel comfortable with content, I simply won't consume it

as new stuff trends woke, I'll go more and more for back-catalog

currently binging Space: 1999. it's a little bit 1970s-woke, but not the current virulent strain

it's also insanely good, better than any woke shite I've watched recently (expanse is not over-woke)

Wonder whatever became of that cringe douchebag who claimed he hacked the trucker donations

What’s the over/under on the “national monkeypox coordinator” being some whackjob tranny?

Everyone seems to get ’s old motto about “evil” wrong — it was “Don't be evil”, not “do no evil” — it’s a much lower bar and they didn’t feel that even that slam dunk reflected their values

My wife tried to pull me into a conversation about vaxx politics in her company (Microsoft)

there's some confusion about whether she qualifies as fully vaxxed and boosted when she just got her jab 3 months ago

I care about her, but I can't care about Vakspolitik

to play the game is to lose

4chan in general is irredeemable, but every now and then they crack me up

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