Quick search on Amazon for "n95" yields this (translated by Google -Follow the dogs! Everyone has a responsibility to fight the two dogs.):

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Getting error 500 when viewing profiles on noagendasocial.com. @eriner could you take a look, please?

Add Boris Johnson to the list. At least Prince Charles won't have to drink tea alone.

@adam National trend: Politician makes balanced statement to consider shelter-in-place (or some other sensible concern), media writes dog-whistle stories, politician is bombarded by dimensh B bullies, politician flips in 12-24 hours. Local example: tampabay.com/news/health/2020/

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Current and historic death rates in Italy (other countries available) and pre-SARS-CoV-2 projections. Should snapshot this site now before it's gone or changed: macrotrends.net/countries/ITA/

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Lots of producers are sharing their stories with me. Many are out of a job or about to be. I’m going to start promoting NAS as a place to make connections. Let’s all be welcoming and helpful. Use hashtags to form ad-hoc groups. TYFYC

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It might be me, but it sounds like he might be clearing his throat. Either way could this be a primer for Hillary to swoop in?


Now we know what they discussed at last year's Bilderberg. I wonder if they'll cancel this year's meeting.

Indy Grand Prix of St Petersburg, FL is on. Mayor's press conference: bit.ly/2TUsb5z See you there.

@adam Austin Association of Realtors (donating $1M to Community First) podcast with Alan Graham scratchpodcast.com/podcasts

The Wuhan Flu stats/map from CDC/WHO have zero cases in Africa and South America: bit.ly/Wuhan-Flu China has $350B+ invested in Africa and many workers there (not sure about SA) No way to collect data?

Guangzhou now added to lock down list. That's the location of the Canton Fair which I think is the largest trade show in the world. Buyers already cancelling for the next (April) event. Canton Fair: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canton_F

Ecuador’s President Lenín Moreno has scrambled to apologize for comments suggesting women tend to complain about sexual harassment when it comes from ugly people.


@adam Checked out Rubin Report after your mention and found that they encourage people to use their Apps to listen/stay in touch.

@adam Columbia Journalism Review: "But news outlets’ failures to consistently mention climate change in such stories—even just once—are troubling." cjr.org/the_media_today/califo

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