"this November, we must defend the LatinX pregnant men. "

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@roundy this is a Pope's law moment. Seriously, do you know which sanity they are for?

@progo @roundy I can translate:

Ahem...Fuck you give me attention. I'm better than you.

@progo @roundy They're a brilliant troll PAC that is pointing out the DNC policy stupidity -

@progo @roundy Also, it's Poe's Law - Pope's law is different and involves a pointy hat.

@roundy This November we have to piss off everyone by making false claims, redefining words and then making one up because fuck you, we're better than you.

We're doing it in Spanish.

We're so cosmopolitan and converted to the flat sexer cult.

@angryandignored @roundy I think you miss the point. They are simply pointing out how fucking stupid the DNC policies are.

See more examples:

@SirPaulCouture @roundy Oh. I did.

Sorry I was just going off the billboard.

Poe's law and all that.

Yeah, these guys use sarcasm to make their point.

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