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This should have won for today's Show Art, for its pillowy embrace of Western Art Traditions. @MikeRiley was robbed!

How do i buy a Bitcoin? Please just give me the easy dumbass way to buy one and sell it when it goes up, if someone would be so kind. I don’t plan to hold it for the apocalypse or buy anything with it, though i might like to keep part of one in a passphrase type thingy, i guess.

Reliable source Predicts Ethereum will bottom at $1083 USD

@badkittydc thanks again for hosting the meetup a few days ago. Welcome to the No Agenda tribe.

Really enjoying this set of short stories. Half way in and every story seems to be about the insidious control the cartels have over this country. The subtitle for the book could be "Build the Wall" to be honest. I've had my squabbles with the author, but I prefer to separate the art from the artist.

About to ship this painting and another recent work to hang at my Healdsburg, CA gallery. I'm flirting with something new for people that buy my paintings, attaching to each a sealed envelope containing a confession, or other short piece of revelatory writing... People wanna know more about the artist sometimes. Pondering the monetization of secrets at the moment... (this vid reveals why I am painter and not videographer)

"this November, we must defend the LatinX pregnant men. "

Rode in one for the first time ever last night. I don't trust the company, and diffferent does not necessarily mean better.

@adam @Johncdvorak and I'm grateful for the 11+ people who will show up to the DC Meetup tomorrow afternoon. Especially @Fergus33 who is schlepping down from Philly. We almost lost you, buddy, and here you are, back in action. So psyched to see you again in the flesh, after your recent medical scare.

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Life is beautiful. And every day is gravy.
It's not easy to be awake and aware during times of madness.You need to keep a sense of humor above all else, in my opinion, or risk being swept away by despair. I'm so grateful for this podcast that has brought us together, a d helped us sustain this mindset. I'm grateful for @adam and @Johncdvorak doing the dAng thing for nearly 1500 SHOWS. (Christ, how does a show artist commemorate this properly?I dunno)....

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