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Thrilled to meet two fellow No Agenda show artists at the Lowcountry Luvapalooza meetup: Tyler Brown & Lorenzo Rojo! Forgive my weird facial expression. No, I was not constipated.

random wisdom:

"You can achieve anything with daily grind and discipline."

Back after A LOOOOONG hiatus!
Check your modern podcast 2.0 app for the latest, smashiest episode of SMASHCAST!

Hosted by @Therealdcgirl and @GWFF


YUUUGE meetup! 111 people so far! Hang out with Adam and Tina the Keeper and several other familiar names in the prettiest city in the US.

I finished WandaVision series.
I thought the premise was genius, and enjoyed it without too many misgivings. Kathryn Hahn as Agnes is a standout talent.
Thanks to @theater for making it possible

I visited a casino recently.
Why is it mostly Asians playing Baccarat?
Do you know how to play it and is it fun?

At the DC Defeat the Mandates march in January I declined an interview with this cuss-happy Borat-wannabe idiot and her necklace of dead baby dolls. She's since found another bodily autonomy issue to unintelligibly lampoon.

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