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My brothers! Check this out! The House Judiciary Committee has made a big move, calling for a second special counsel to be appointed to investigate the SHIT out of Hillary et alia. Skip to page four to get the meat of it. It's very well written. Goddamn, I say. A MUST READ!!!


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It seems to me that they want to make the points that; 1.drug mules are less responsible for their actions than the border guards. 2. smuggling meth can make you alot of money 3. If your underage you cant get in any real trouble. 4. Your family can even be paid for your crimes if you kill yourself! THIS IS SHAMEFULL !!

@pewdpie I do empathize for the family's loss, but if anything the parents should be held criminally liable, not rewarded with USD.

@pewdpie Old enough to mule, old enough for the consequences. He lied to border patrol, the U.S. shouldn't pay shit.

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The gals who made this are friends of mine and have been working hard for the last 3 years. Their chocolate aroma kit looks incredible! Classy stuff.

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If you hold a Unix shell up to your ears, can you hear the C?

Hrmm all the people posting anti-American stuff yesterday haven't been rounded up for a trip to the gulag 🤔

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Okay, that youtube clip of CNN producer John Bonifield saying that Russia is a non-story and it's all about ratings is back up again. Check it out. Tell me what you guys think.

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I hate the idea that Mastodon development must be discussed on Mastodon.

I appreciate the purity, but let's admit it's a bullshit argument.

This is not optimized or adequate for managing multiple, parallel, long-lasting, many-contributor discussions and has no reason at all to be.

Can we just get over the law of the instrument? Come the fuck on already.

Sticky warm cinnamon buns, sticky sewers on @NICKtheRAT radio, and sticky nuggets