Hey SF Bay Area NA tribe, I may or may not have gotten the rona for the second time - does anyone have a spare IM kit flying around?

The WEF 2022 summit program is dynamite!

- Redefining Food Systems with Emerging Technologies (eat bugs!)

- Staying on Course for Climate Action (@Johncdvorak)

- Advancing Stakeholder Capitalism in the Middle East and North Africa

- Global ESG Standards: Are We There Yet?

- The Brave New Quantum Economy (@adam)


Monkeypox, you say? Do I hear Event 201?

Okay, let's have a look! A Monkeypox "tabletop game" happened at the Munich Security Conference 2021 (drive.google.com/file/d/1ounVs)

And guess when the virus "attack" that happened in this "game" was supposed to happen? Oh yeah, baby:

May 15, 2022.

How to find out if your senator or favorite politician is at the WEF summit next week? Fear not!


The ESC winners from Ukraine were really excited, even on their way off stage.

Brilliant Ukraine analysis by a former spook from Switzerland. Your one must read of the day.


I'm not sure about planes (@adam?), but I know that maintaining and upkeep of any proper boat is expensive.

Even more so for the "mega yachts" confiscated from "oligarchs". Who is paying for all of that? Very likely the taxpayer, no?

Good on Sony gaming head honcho Jim Ryan to stand against the noodle boy brigade:

“He emphasized that PlayStation's staff and the platform holder's community are ‘multi-faceted and diverse, holding many different points of view.’”


German podcast alert!

And if you speak German as a second language or are learning it, we're talking slow enough, promise. ;)


Ein schönes Wochenende? Na klar, denn soeben ist eine neue Folge des kleinen Podcasts von Jürgen und Roland in den Äther gegangen.

Folge 31: Teresa, Willy und Bob

Man, Zelensky is keeping busy.

- Grammys
- WEF opening session
- Cannes opening session

Can he be booked for birthdays, college graduations and Bar Mitzvahs, too?

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