Sorry it's the DailyFail, but numbers is what numbers is....

UK's non-Covid casualties of the lockdown include:
- more than 2,000 excess deaths in from heart disease
- 20 per cent rise in deaths among newly diagnosed cancer patients in England – 6,270 excess deaths this year

@Salaru hahaha probably so... the truth wants to come out

Joe and Hunter's email problems are now being discussed in the Wall Street Journal.

Link to to avoid paywall

@MartinJJ damn these people are not only corrupt, they're stupid

@commandlinekid so Andrea is setting Pelosi up with the idea that Trump has a secret Chinese bank account, and now it's not the Russians who are controlling Trump, it's the Chinese?

These people are just insane.

@Rad_Grand_Dad @OVDB the meme is excellent, but I immediately wondered about who the rigging contractors are that were willing to take the job of putting in those support beams.

@MartinJJ @ParkerTechGuy Anyway, don't the republicans say they have 51 votes, so it's all a futile gesture.

@ParkerTechGuy @MartinJJ More like I'm taking "the ball" and going home. It's not theirs to take.

@adam @coldacid @SirMathieu @OVDB @shebang

Dr. Tam - Canada's CoVid Queen was in a documentary in 2010, where she advocated for giving people bracelets and locking them up if they refused to get a vaccine... (Cued to appropriate part)

Also uses "ahead of the curve"

Giuliani claims Hunter Biden’s laptop contained ‘numerous pictures of underage girls,’ says explicit material given to police

Giuliani didn’t provide further details about the photographs, but stressed that “we’re very uncomfortable with the fact that these underage girls were not protected.”

All that besides the incriminating emails and messages on the harddrives.

FBI: *crickets*

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@MartinJJ The Biden campaign are not even denying it that I've heard.

They should be done.

I'm just not confident anything will happen, other than that this is probably totally freaking out everyone inside the campaign and keeping them really pre-occupied and in a state of panic.

@Mummabear it's like they've already given up because they know they've lost

@Mummabear yeah... but those same volunteers can't go out to a pub or a movie because it's just too risky.

Why does the latest Biden-Harris begging letter have the Subject: "No Regrets" and is signed "No Regrets"?

@PeteyMiami These fucking tyrants are just trying to play Sim City with real peoples' lives.

Whitmer and Newsom seem to be the worst but they can all go to hell.

@MartinJJ @Baron_Rotterdam @Economic_Hitman

Right now people are being told not to wear n-95 masks and to wear masks made of old underwear or granny's scarf , supposedly to protect others.

And it's failing.

How about we switch to "if you're worried wear an N-95 mask, otherwise go on about your business anyway you feel like".

I could live with that quite happily.

Sitting at the car dealership now, awaiting service, unmasked. 90% of the staff is also unmasked. I love it. Rocking my No Agenda Deep State hat.

@robh I'll take my crown and gold star now please. XD

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