A draft petition to recall a Councilwoman Nithya Raman, a , was approved.

Recall organizers accuse Raman of enabling by working to and supporting encampments.
Petition to Recall Socialist Los Angeles Councilwoman Approved for Circulation
A draft petition to recall a socialist Los Angeles councilwoman has been approved. The petition to recall Councilwoman ...

I'd only take the coof seriously if Keith Richards died from it.... He's managed to survive everything else!

This is actual reality and the real America
The media is the problem

We are down to the wire.

If you are serious about freedom, just go out today and buy as many guns as you can afford and give them away.

The Gestapo can't easily find unregistered guns.

Set up a firing range and train everyone you know to shoot guns. No one will support gun control if everyone is armed.

Pass the word.

Every day starting now must be spent:

Withdrawing cash from the bank.

Buying guns, ammo, gold, and food.

Moving to a small white town in South Dakota.

Warning others about the dangers of tyranny.

#AlexJonesShow LIVE: Is Bill Gates Right? Should We Kill 90% Of The Human Population?

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Watch "LIVE: Virgin Galactic launches Richard Branson to space on Unity 22" on YouTube

Each new announcement of a new variant of Covid19 is starting to sound like those keynotes for releases of new Operating Systems.

"Introducing COS19 Delta+: 4x more infectious, better tools to fight the Vax, more support for more different environments." Etc.

earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquake Felt this quake in Dos Palos, which is NW of Fresno, where it was also felt strongly. A sudden jolt!

I walked through my local library without a mask. Checked out a couple of books. Feels good to visit so many books. My first visit since 2019, if my memory is correct.

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