Perhaps the real reason why Biden's been canceled is because he's the only candidate to float the idea of repealing the CDA

@MoeFactz I discuss some of the points you raise with my black sis-in-law and she said you sound like a "Hotep." Can you please comment on this Hotep movement in an episode?

Apparently describing KGB subversion tactics is hate speech now. The radical left don't like people being able to follow their breadcrumbs.

Steve Pieczenick is a very smart man, but why does he still say Moozlem 🙄🤔

Only had one experience where I played the part of the millennial weenie. Had a cranky Boomer boss. Micromanager. Everything’s an emergency. Loved ranting about how shit we were.

Long story short I couldn’t take the heat. My performance suffered and complained one too many times, so I was laid off. He gave me a two week heads-up at least. Thanked him for it and left on good terms. Went on to the best job I ever had.

Still don’t know what I learned, but it was a learning experience.

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I never liked Slack because the chat room format is terrible for work. Important stuff is mixed together with chitchat and memes. No differentiation by topic, only sender. Catching up on Slack is worse than catching up on email.

Never had a “gold star” stunt pulled on me. Lots of GIFs though. And emojis. I don’t mind emoji reactions; saves me some typing.

Worst thing about Slack is threads. Imagine a chat room where every message is a BBS topic (yes, I’m millennial and know what a BBS is)

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Last couple episodes’ Slack segments made me think about my work experience.

I only had one job where we were expected by managers to work evenings. My first job. Told myself never again.

Thankfully I’ve been very successful since then at putting my foot down. It helps to have a highly sought after skill (Ruby).

Seen my millennial coworkers willingly work after hours without any pressure to do so. Boggles my mind. They say it’s fun or they like the challenge. Has nothing to do with Slack.

"I've been deluged with thinking about it" <- I love this

@adam The mass detainment in China, just does not seem bogus or made up to me. Nobody with a controlling interest in the M5M has anything to gain from this

@adam otg question for you. how do you save new contact info with your phone not connected to a cloud account?

Just binge watched "The Family" and I'm thoroughly disturbed. Makes a lot about American foreign policy make more sense though.

Can anybody give more details on what @adam said a couple shows ago about Protonmail only having one central private key

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