Watching Century of the Self is a reminder of just how far the field of advertising has fallen.

Advertisers in 1950: “Add instructions to mix in an egg on the Betty Crocker package to help housewives get over their guilt at using store-bought cake mix and symbolize their gift of their eggs to their husband”

Advertisers in 2020: “Show digital ads for the same lawn mower to this person for the next 137 days because he looked at it online once without buying it”

My thoughts & analysis on Michael Saylor's appearance on the standard podcast. In the full No Agenda style! Full of shocking revelations. Load 'er up and laugh at the elites with me. @adam @madchuck @yukiame

A highly revealing interview with Michael Saylor about his vision for Bitcoin. Hint: we aren’t invited. I plan to deconstruct this in detail later on for anyone interested.

Because only rapists are against inflation?

The early culture war of the Mario character is hilarious to me.

Japan: Mario is a Italian plumber

USA TV moguls: Mario is an Italian-AMERICAN plumber from New York, and Princess Toadstool has an attitude.

Japan: F&$* you, Mario wears cat ears and turns into a Buddhist statue.

If anyone's curious as to exactly what the FBI was doing instead of following up on leads about 9/11, check out the doc "McMillions"

No one who has a single brain cell left would say "it's just cultural differences" when faced with reports of women being penetrated with cattle prods and forced to smile while they watch their family being gang raped.

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The more times I see that Biden clip about the genocide the more I think he really has no idea what the refugees are claiming is really going on over there. Nancy too.

Remember the news model who believed it's illegal to view classified documents? Biden and Nancy probably just get their daily briefings from the CIA, and other than that, they keep the news off.

random saying:

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else — you are the one who gets burned.”

If you want to make friends, be your authentic self. If you want to attract phony people, be more phony

"Can't Get You Out Of My Head" is amazing. First series I've felt the need to binge watch in a long, long time.

That's literally the argument he presented to us, not in those words, but in double speak.

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AC: "What are you going to do about the ongoing Uighur genocide"

POTUS: "Well, look at it from the Chinese perspective, they don't have enough young people to keep making our cheap shit, and they're too xenophobic to open up their country, so it's only logical that they would enslave millions of locals. They're trying to rule the world anyway so they'll have to put a lid on it at some point. It'll solve itself"

Its been a while since I did the show from the car. It looks like that will happen Thursday as power restoration seems unlikely before then.

File under -> Nextcloud supports self-hosted videoconferencing!

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