Meeting the players is the worst part of the gameshow Jeopardy

Punk Is Dead and everything it stands for has been co-opted by the people "punks" used to hate. Anyone who was "punk" by the 80s and 90s standards is now a libtard who probably posted on facebook that they got the vaccine

In case you are wondering, soda water, bourbon, and banana liqueur does NOT make a good drink.

The reasoning is rather simple actually. They represent the vanguard of progress and info-trading in their family and social group.

Their sense of self is tied directly to their perceived importance in their social cohort.

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In the morning, I was searching the show notes for details on the international program to develop these vax platforms PRE Sars-Cov2. Any one recall a details to help find that?

“This is exactly how it works: you lie about Black Lives Matter, then you intimidate by shaming people, then you dominate them. That’s the system, that’s how the victimhood works!” — @adam 1329

Actors make a living by pretending to be other people and mouthing the words that someone else wrote, you can trust them bro.

@eriner Put a paypal link on your profile pick, mate! Also make a @donate account here with the same info. Glad to pitch in. I'm sure another 1,000 of us would give you a few bucks.

I am triggered, the Penguins (us hockey) were just penalized for "Too many men on the ice." This clearly should be "Too many potential chest-feeders on the ice."

Rush Limbaugh was a trail-blazer of talk-radio and did a lot to create the format that many of us podcasters use today.

He had an extensive audience and helped conservatives have a voice. He will be missed.

Question to Texas residents, is the electric strain because you have electric furnaces or are using electric heaters? What is causing the excess draw?

EVERYTHING you need to know about the vaccine in 11 seconds:

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