I've got to wonder if the vax caused Powell's Multiple myeloma since that is a disease of the immune system.

Multiple myeloma (MM), also known as plasma cell myeloma and simply myeloma, is a cancer of plasma cells, a type of white blood cell that normally produces antibodies.[6] Often, no symptoms are noticed initially.[10] As it progresses, bone pain, anemia, kidney dysfunction, and infections may occur.[10] Complications may include amyloidosis.[3]

Theyre getting desperate to get that clot shot in your arm before flu season exposes the fact that the vax destroys the immune system.

"FDA authorizes Moderna and Johnson & Johnson booster shots as well as mix-and-matching between different manufacturers" twitter.com/i/events/145088841

I love In n Out. The one here in SF is closed temporarily because of the mandates. It's awesome of them for standing up.

Good times. After news came out about the $600 reporting I was thinking of flooding the system by doing $600 ACH transfers between all my accounts on a daily basis. Now I don't have to. Common sense prevailed.


"In an era of increasingly limited state funds, there is a danger that legislatures will turn to laws that restrict personal liberty as a substitute for providing the resources necessary for positive public health programs that actually prevent disease and improve health. Such symbolic “grandstanding” may be especially tempting for representatives whose reelection depends more on those who finance their campaigns than on the voters."

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@rich_lather That's how the Mag gets you. At first you just think he's joking. But eventually you'll have an epiphany "holy shit they're ALL trannies"

Well, that was strange, i was trying to open youtube, but i was constantly bombarded with facebook login requests

Chickens and detect/see sunlight 45 minutes before humans can.

That falls in line with the report from a few months ago where a hiring manager for the oil companies said most employees would be dead or out of work as a result of the shot.
I'd have to look for the source but I think it was an AJ/Infowars report.

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