Interesting boots on ground interview by German in Venice with homeless a Echo Park in LA which is being closed to all homeless for renovation.

Homeless are being forced into a hotel.

@adam here is the definitive history of the invention of video tape by the guy who was there who made it at AMPEX. He definitely says 2 inch tape was the first version.

@Johncdvorak you might be interested in this little history video interview of one of the guys who oversaw the development of the first video tape at AMPEX . Interestingly at AMPEX the term "glitch" was coined by one of their engineers . That's where it came from !

Lin Wood apparently just got kicked from Parler . Lots of other people getting banned to woo Apple and Google back in their app stores I guess . What sell outs !

YouTuber German In Venice has a chat with homeless guy Frank who explains his life as a homeless person for 10 years . Adam is right, community is why he doesn't want to move into Covid hotels. He wants to be around his community not shut away in a room away from his friends . Community is key to solving this problem.

Podcast 2.0 features are translating to wearOS via podcast addict. Chapter labels on the watch, bitches! @adam

@adam this is exactly what you were talking about in the last few weeks. News Feeds don't need to be on one platform ( aka Facebook ). This guy nails it like you did the other week !
Facebook lost the network effect .

Watch "Social media platforms will not last | Cal Newport and Lex Fridman" on YouTube

Interesting discussion on Clubhouse here where they discuss sending donations within a room. Could someone quote a unique "wallet" address using a sequence of spoken words to allow others to send donations to ? How do you communicate a crypto wallet using voice alone in a compact way ?

Australian Govt played chicken with Google and won to some extent. Newscorp just lined up with Google's solution to Australia's demands . The pressure is now on Facebook. And the world is watching !

This is a brilliant slam on MSM by Trump's lawyer after the acquittal of Trump in the 2nd failed impeachment nonsense . Watch this pure gem

Podcast 2.0 & No Agenda just got mentioned in a superchat on Tim Pool's latest IRL stream :)

Demo of the decentralized search engine with crypto payback for node hosters

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