MIT lab director committed suicide after finding Epstein info.There seems to be a suicide epidemic with the Epsteins and Clintons.
And there were rumors Aaron Schwartz stumbled upon something...

Aaron Swartz downloaded a bunch of files from M.I.T Media Lab servers. Jeffrey Epstein donated to the lab where Swartz found the files. Is it possible Aaron Swartz was murdered because he stumbled onto evidence of a pedophile ring?

@PhoneBoy hey, looking for android app for intermittent fasting. Which one did u use? Also, did you put together a "giblet" with your methods/experiences with IF or is it just me thinking you mentioned once you would...thx a bunch in advance!

Although one Cochrane review study has noted these benefits are small, we should note that the two studies included for the analysis have reported positive effects of THC treatment, as evidenced by improvements in tic frequency and severity of disease. To sum up, cannabis could be a safer, more effective alternate treatment option to treat tics and behavioral symptoms of TS, particularly for treatment-refractory TS patients.

Divide and conquer:
Guide 101 to how to divide communities and people.
Step 1:Show that X is Evil
Step 2:Don't hesitate to lie and distort reality (don't worry many religions use that).
Step 3: Stop people from communicating (will reinforce the lies and fallacies that you have injected).
Step 4: Simulate to be a victim and Ask for donation.
Daily reminder that patreon is Hipster/Tumblrina welfare.

@yukiame @lizzymoda

purchasing brand new Apple hardware to replace perfectly​ working but older hardware in the vein hope that a shortcoming will be fixed that Apple has absolutely no intention of addressing

PSA: If you opened your PayPal account before you were 18, close it now. -

@thehotiron @adam @reindlg @voidzero @PhoneBoy I've been testing certbot this week with LetsEncrypt, and it's been surprisingly nice. And FREE

"Hey, Austria, shove your dress code! Love and Light." ~ America

Two interesting pieces of technology:

Copy the voice of everyone and
Real time face capture and reenactment of RGB videos

These technologies will be used in media manipulation big time, these are weapons grade technologies...


@voidzero I also have an old client on my trusty Nokia N9 that doesn't support https and unfortunately can't fall back to http only...So no live stream for me today...

I love this instance of GNU Social. I love John and Adam. No homo.

Thank you Adam Curry for taking the time and effort to set up this server! 🇺🇲

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