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Author and journalist and expert in matters of the global financial economy Ernst Wolff gave this speech on or around 24th Aug 2021. It is probably one of the best and most concise exposures of the whole fake Corona narrative and ends on a hopeful message of what people can do to to prevent the dystopic vision of Klaus Schwab and his supporters becoming 'the new normal'. This video has english subtitles.

C19 & clotshot
TL;DR: buy some Ivermectine & Nicotine lozinges and you can survive c19 without the clotshot or any side effects.


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@adam @Johncdvorak
Måneskin's frontman Damiano David appears to sniff something off the table he was sitting behind, just before his group's victory was announced.
His bandmate appears to warn him. Rock 'n' roll never dies!

Anybody having a problem starting NoAgendroid-2.1.12.apk on Android11 after the latest security upgrade from April 5? Running GrapheneOS.

@voidzero hi Mark, since the https has been turned on the mp3 links for downloads (since around NA1242), my trusty Nokia N9 can't download anymore any episode (using gPodder). I suspect this has to do with TSL1.2 support, which I can't upgrade my old Nokia anymore to. I was able to update certs, but the error message is incompatible encryption sets. http downloads work (other podcasts). Would it be possible to add older TLS1.0 and 1.1 to support the https handshake? Manually http links works.

Aaron Swartz downloaded a bunch of files from M.I.T Media Lab servers. Jeffrey Epstein donated to the lab where Swartz found the files. Is it possible Aaron Swartz was murdered because he stumbled onto evidence of a pedophile ring?

@PhoneBoy hey, looking for android app for intermittent fasting. Which one did u use? Also, did you put together a "giblet" with your methods/experiences with IF or is it just me thinking you mentioned once you would...thx a bunch in advance!

Although one Cochrane review study has noted these benefits are small, we should note that the two studies included for the analysis have reported positive effects of THC treatment, as evidenced by improvements in tic frequency and severity of disease. To sum up, cannabis could be a safer, more effective alternate treatment option to treat tics and behavioral symptoms of TS, particularly for treatment-refractory TS patients.

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